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Ripple price in a downtrend, $0.17 is the main support line


The Ripple price may be recovering. The path of least resistance could be on the upside given the project’s numerous fundamentals that scream “buy.” Still, prices are capped, dragging investors’ hope as XRP oscillates within a tight trade range. The XRP security or utility question Presently, what’s trending is XRP’s classification. As the third most […] …

Bitcoin price is stable above $9,000, BitPay Supports SegWit


The Bitcoin price has recovered and is currently changing hands above $9,000. While this is a reprieve, news around Bitcoin adoption dominates. 3 years later, BitPay supports SegWit The main highlight in the last 24 hours is BitPay’s decision to support Segregated Witness (SegWit). Of note, the payment processor has been against this controversial update. […] …

Ethereum price falls below $230, bears in control


The Ethereum price is wobbly at the time of writing. However, there are flickers of hope. Ethereum is the preferred platform—if statistics lead, for dApp developers. Most importantly, it dominates DeFi as most mainstream financial applications run on the pioneer smart contracting platform. Still, there are concerns as Ethereum finds itself with a fee problem. […] …