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Xain AG announces ‘announcement’ in 9 days – IOTA Access involved?

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  • The IOTA community speculates about an announcement of the Berlin-based start-up Xain.
  • Possibly the announcement could be related to IOTA Access. 

The IOTA community can probably look forward to an announcement from the German Xain AG in 9 days. As the company announced yesterday, it will release an “exciting news” on December 8th. In the tweet published yesterday, Xain used the hashtags #privacism and #launchnews. The company also revealed in another tweet:

Most of you know us from our prior work with great companies like Porschedigital, Siemens and Bombardier. Soon, you’ll know us for our new privacy-protecting tech. 9 days until launch!

Both hashtags could indicate an announcement in connection with IOTA. In the announcement for IOTA Access at the end of September, the IOTA Foundation revealed that the first prototypes for that very IOTA Access were developed by XAIN AG.

At that time, the IOTA Foundation stated that “the combination of lightweight, mathematically proven access control frameworks, embedded devices, immutable data, transparent audit trails and royalty-free micro transactions opens up a wealth of possibilities that make the work started by XAIN AG a perfect complement to the IOTA protocol”.

Ever since IOTA co-founder Dominik Schiener joined the start-up company Xain as an investor, there have been repeated rumors about a possible cooperation with the IOTA Foundation.

In view of this, the IOTA community is looking forward to a cooperation with the IOTA Foundation. Other users criticized Xain’s strategy and stated that “one announcement for another announcement” could have a negative effect. One member of the community commented:

Xain is simply a company that has hyped its product. And of course they want as much attention as possible. Because they want to sell their product, which happens to have something to do with IOTA…

As already mentioned, Schiener invested in Xain already in 2019, after he had met the founder Leif Lundbaek in 2017. The company is known for its automotive operating systems based on blockchain technology and the development of learning technologies for artificial intelligence.

When Schiener’s investment became public, the co-founder of IOTA said that he had followed the work of Xain for a long time until he made the decision to participate in the start-up. About his relationship with Lundbaek, Schiener said:

We talked about working together at that time, but then everything was a bit hectic.

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