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White Hat Hackers: Who are They? And Why do we Need Them?

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White hate hackers: Not all hackers are bad, says Dima Dimenko, Co-Founder of 111PG. In fact, ethical hackers – the white hat hackers – benefit the crypto market. And, they are needed, considering that in just the first quarter of 2022 alone, internet users experienced about 18 million data breaches.

White Hat Hackers: Who Are They?

Let’s first figure out who hackers are in general. These people breach into the system for their own benefit or on order. 

White hat hackers are those who fight from the other side. Their main task is to make the system as secure as possible. They are experts in cyber defense who develop protection systems against other hackers and their attacks.

Whitehats, as a rule, work anonymously. Clients usually find them online or through networking. Although, sometimes white hat hackers can be staff members of large companies that manage a lot of data, in the banking or social networking sectors, for example. 

You’ve probably heard of the bug bounty process when the company orders hacking to evaluate the system’s protection level. This is probably the most famous thing white hackers do. But they can perform routine system monitoring as well.

White Hat Hacker Community: What we Know

Hackers, whether black or white hats, maintain maximum anonymity. Hence, it is tricky to talk about their communities. It can be one person or a whole team. So, even if you find a white hat hacker community online, you can’t know exactly who and how many individuals are working on your system’s security.

Most often, hackers are found through acquaintances. Of course, there are still various forums, but this is already quite an old story. You can use Telegram channels as well. But every year this sphere becomes even more anonymous. 

In addition, there are also outsourced CyberTech projects. It is difficult to call them
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