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Where Is Do Kwon? Terra Chief Reportedly Flees Singapore

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According to Reuters, Terra’s founder, Do Kwon, is reportedly not in Singapore, citing the Singapore Police Force.

According to local media reports, Singapore Police stated that “the wanted crypto developer Do Kwon was not currently in the city-state.”

The Singapore Police promised to assist the South Korean police in its attempt to arrest the embattled founder.

Singapore’s local media reports also confirmed this development.

Earlier in the week, the South Korean government issued an arrest warrant for Kwon, citing a violation of capital market regulations that led to a $40-billion loss for investors.

The arrest warrant is valid for a year. Meanwhile, reports have emerged that South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is trying to get Kwon to return his passport.

In his sole interview after the crash, Kwon claimed that South Korean authorities had not contacted him.

The Terra founder has been entangled in several lawsuits in South Korea and the United States from investors who lost heavily to the ecosystem’s crash.

Do Kwon Denies Being “On the Run”

Do Kwon has denied claims that he is on the run in a tweet.

According to Kwon, those who have rights to know his whereabouts are his friends, those he plans to meet or whoever he is “involved in a gps based web3 game.”

Kwon continued that the interest in his location amounts to an invasion of privacy.