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What does success in 2020 for BTC look like for you personally? (not related to the Bitcoin Protocol or Lightning Network Improvements)

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Obviously there is a lot of adoption or features that people want to see over the long term. To keep this thread less technically involved, I'm hoping to avoid those more technical topics.

For me personally there are several factors that will make 2020 successful.

  • Zero Network Downtime
  • Halving #3 without major market distress
  • New ATH before 11:59PM EST December 31 2020, though only marginally higher (Somewhere around 20-25K)
  • BTC trading at a greater than 1 to 50 ratio for all shitcoin hardforks combined (Meaning BCH + BSV = Less than or equal to 2% of BTC value)
  • Marketshare of BTC vs. All Alts exceeds 70% consistently and breaks 80%.
  • Major retailer with brick and mortar establishments accepts Lightning Transactions successfully & instantaneously. . . in such a manner that an outlet like CNBC does a short piece on it showing instant BTC transactions that are accepted without any sort of wait. Such as a Starbucks. Key is it isn't an obscure location or brand, and that it is demonstrated as instantly accepted.
  • End 2020 with more BTC than I started with.

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