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TRON (TRX) announces new DLive protocol with BitTorrent integration

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  • TRON
  • Justin Sun has announced the launch of a new DLive protocol, which has received integration with BitTorrent.
  • TRON positions itself as a decentralized entertainment network with its ecosystem.

During the “Link the Future: BitTorrentX Product Release” virtual conference, TRON and BitTorrent CEO Justin Sun unveiled the new BitTorrentX website and previewed the new DLive protocol. As Sun announced, the protocol update will be the result of a massive evolution of peer-to-peer live-streaming technology “that has been in research and development for over a decade.”

In the spirit of further merging the TRON ecosystem, the new DLive will thus have a deep integration with BitTorrent to create synergies that will benefit both ecosystems. Using peer-to-peer technology, streamers will be able to stream anytime, from anywhere, at a lower cost and on their own terms.

Viewers of the stream are also not just passive consumers, but become nodes in a network that help distribute the stream to the outside world. Thus, according to Sun, “every viewer becomes a participant in this revolutionary new vision of live-streaming.” On how the new DLive protocol works, engineering manager Anthony Wade said:

DLive Protocol adds a new way to distribute your live stream at the end of your existing workflow. We currently target users of all live streaming services who utilize Open Broadcaster Software (OBS Studio) and simply add a new target for their output RTMP stream. So, as a streamer, you can use the same setup and production workflow that you use today.

TRON positions itself as a decentralized entertainment network

As CNF reported, Sun acquired BitTorrent in a multimillion-dollar acquisition and partnered with DLive in December 2019. Sun’s vision is to build a decentralized entertainment network around the cryptocurrency TRON (TRX). As the CEO pointed out in a press release shared with CNF, “decentralized entertainment will be the next big step in blockchain mass adoption.” Sun further elaborated:

Together with the BitTorrent and DLive teams, we look forward to bringing disruptive innovations to the digital entertainment space, and create value for all.

DLive’s connection to BitTorrent is just the latest addition to the entertainment network. When the BitTorrent File System went live in May, it transformed casual users of the file torrenting system into nodes that became part of a larger network. This, in turn, connected them to supernodes on the TRON blockchain, enabling dApp developers to create applications that leverage BitTorrent’s decentralized storage system.

BitTorrent and µTorrent allow users to send large amounts of data over the Internet and connect legitimate third-party users. With over 100 million active users, BitTorrent products are installed on over 1 billion devices in over 138 countries worldwide.

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