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Sony Music Becomes Latest Entertainment Business to Embrace NFTs

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Sony Music has filed for a trademark to use the Columbia Records logo for non-fungible token-backed (NFT) media, according to the application.

If accepted, the trademark would also enable Sony Music to use the iconic logo for music and podcast production, as well as artists management and distribution services. As owner of the brand since an acquisition in the late 1980s, Sony’s current efforts represent a greater push to legitimize its digital offerings.

The logo is described in the application as, “Concentric Circles [sic] sitting on a straight line pointing down and another straight line on an angle.”

Application information

According to the application, Sony music would be able to use the logo for downloadable audio and video recordings, both live and studio, which would be authenticated by NFTs.

This would also be the case for downloadable multimedia related to the live performances, such as images, artwork, text and audio, also authenticated by NFTs.

In addition to the use of the logo on music productions, it would also be valid for use in entertainment marketing services and promotion. The application elaborates that it would mainly be used for the marketing and advertising of its artists and promoting their music, audio and video recordings. 

This would also be the case for the distributorship services. Not only would the logo be used for the purpose of “entertainment services in the nature of recording, production and post-production services in the field of music,” but also for providing entertainment online.

This would include not only non-downloadable sound and audiovisual recordings based in music entertainment, but also the production of podcasts.

Sony NFTs

This marks a progression for the Japanese electronics conglomerate, having worked with NFTs earlier this year. In May, Sony partnered with Theta Labs, the creators of the Theta blockchain, a decentralized video streaming network. According to the announcement, Sony
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