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Revest Finance Announces Financial NFT

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Revest Finance has introduced the Financial NFT: the programmable wrapper for users’ assets.

The FNFT is a new way of securing and releasing value which gives users complete control over their own assets – no code required.

Everyone has now heard about the NFT – the particular non-fungible token. NFTs shot to fame as the response to digital scarcity, giving digital art and artists a means by which to attribute possession. While many digital artists have obtained a huge boost, the saturated jpeg market has begun to feel shallow.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts seek creative interruption, and like ivy looking for a wall, NFTs have got begun to feel like advancement in search of a solution. FNFTs are usually where that leading tendril of innovation meets the particular solid framework of the economic markets. Any financial market. From the humble home to international bond markets, Revest brings the blockchain to bear.

The Revest Protocol utilizes a special form of the NFT – the semi-fungible symbol – to create a programmable wrapper that can hold assets plus relinquish them when a specific set of conditions are met. This seemingly simple premise is the basis for a limitless breadth of financial possibilities, many of which may not have been imagined yet.

The reason for this really is that Revest’s FNFT is definitely dumb to its contents. The FNFT is a wrapper – it is agnostic as to what it wraps. Want to safely wrap one ETH as an 18 th birthday present for your girl, using an oracle and electronic signature to confirm her identity?   FNFTs can do that.

Want to make regular obligations to a marketing firm according to the value of the product they market? FNFTs can do that too. Want to create a multimillion-dollar covered call option? You guessed this – FNFTs have that solved. Just as the art NFT has been a blank painting for artists, FNFTs give financial innovators carte-blanche to get creation.  

For a long time the financial markets have held a monopoly on financial development. Revest is giving users the chance to move from being passive consumers to active innovators. If blockchain is all about ownership, FNFTs are regarding value creation. Users cover their assets using an user-friendly UI and decide exactly what unlocking features they require. These types of features can stipulate time, value, or arbitrary requirements.

Users can established multiple unlocks and allow regarding asset deposits as with the savings account. The time criteria can be extensible; the value criteria can relate to another asset or even combination; the arbitrary criteria can refer to multiple events or even too smart agreements, all giving the FNFT limitless capabilities when it comes to personalization.

The asset locked is not restricted either, permitting fungible cryptocurrency tokens, NFTs or even other FNFTs to be wrapped. In short, Revest just replaced your industry along with 1000 lines of Solid design code.

A flagship claim of the FNFT is that ownership can be transferred without directly affecting the value of a included asset, in comparison to when the unwrapped asset is bought and sold to the open market.

The Revest team sees this particular initially being adopted from the innovation-hungry cryptocurrency start-ups, where problems such as token release schedules and treasury administration have been particular pain factors.

With FNFTs, symbol release schedules may be handled by criteria of time or even linked to token value to mitigate heavy sell stress. Crucially though, locked tokens may be traded through the investing of the FNFT itself, permitting early investors in start-ups to maintain liquid positions without having affecting the communities they will invest with.

This is only the start. When a new technology is born, there is a bloom of innovation in every direction. The first big hit for the NFT has been art, but now NFTs have raised beyond their artistic origins. The NFT has grown up.

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