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Profila Review: Bringing The Power of Data Back to the Consumer

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Every action taken online produces a valuable stream of data that companies can use to generate more personalized advertisements for consumers. With this personalization comes more purchases, boosted revenues, and increased engagement. Yet, while brands are directly benefiting from consumer data, the consumers themselves are often left in the dark.

The consumer data market is worth over $839 million, yet users don’t see a single penny of that worth, with larger companies like Facebook taking their cut. That’s where Profila comes in, a company that’s devoted to returning the consumer data market back to the consumer.

With Profila, users are able to take ownership over the data they create, selling it directly to businesses and cutting out the middleman altogether. 

Introduction to Profila

Profila acts as the intersection between big data, advertising, and privacy law, giving power back to the people and providing ownership of their personal data. While it’s become common for businesses on the internet to farm, collect, or steal users’ personal data, Profila acts as a service where users are given back the power of their data. 

Within Profila, users are able to sell their personal data to companies, dictating the terms of the contract to ensure that they are giving exactly what they want, and for however long they would like. Profila ensures that users get financial compensation from their valuable data, returning the power to the consumer and ensuring that businesses have to ask permission before taking personal information.

While benefiting the user, Profila also works to ensure that businesses get something out of using their service. Within Profila, users supply their own data – known as Zero Party Data – which is vastly more accurate than other forms of data collection. This is mainly due to the fact that the user themselves responds to questions and gives insight into their own habits and practices.

Due to this, the data that Profila can supply to businesses is significantly more useful than third-party data. With this system, users are compensated for their data while businesses get access to richer pools of information.

Aligned between this symbiotically beneficial system is Profila, with this brand leading the way when it comes to modern data exchanges. 

Key Features of Profila

One of the main conceptual pillars that Profila stands upon is the fact that both brands and individuals can use the platform. Due to this, every single main feature has two perspectives, looking at it from both a company’s and consumer’s perspective. To simplify things, we’ll break down the main features of Profila from the individual’s perspective, demonstrating how it can be used to help people stay on top of their data security.

Within the Profila platform, there are six core features:


  • User “Profila”
  • Educational Modules
  • Moments
  • Self-Discovery
  • Data Subscription
  • Metronome 

Let’s break these down further.

User “Profila”

Acting as the central profile of any user, the “Profila” allows individuals to manage all of the personal information that is associated with the application. This profile even extends to a user’s marketing desires and main preferences that they want to exhibit when using the platform.

This central profile is also where they can access all of the rest of the app from. This central hub will allow them to gain a detailed summary of all of their available personal data, the brands that they’re partnering with, and management options for their shared data.

Educational Modules

While we all know that our data is tracked and used online, that’s more so due to personalized advertisements more than our own actual knowledge of data law. Understanding that very few people will want to read about data law, Profila has created an innovative platform that gamifies all the information that people should know.

Instead of serving individuals lessons about data that bores them, Profila has developed a gamified system that provides a fun experience for the user. Any user that navigates to this section will be able to learn more about what their rights are as a consumer in the digital age, developing a better idea about privacy online. 

With this knowledge, users will be much more prepared to deal with data negotiations. Considering that many now believe that data is the most valuable commodity on earth, learning more about it and where individuals stand in relation to the ownership of their own data is a vital step. Through gamification, Profila makes it easy for the everyday person to learn everything they need to know.


The Moments feature serves as a brand-orientated perception quiz. Users will be able to access this feature in order to give their honest feedback about how they feel towards a brand. They will be asked about their general sentiments, preferences, desires, or associations that they have with that brand.

By completing these Moments, users are then able to share their opinions directly with brands. Not only does this provide them with compensation, but it also ensures that the brand more directly gets feedback. With this honest feedback about their brand, these companies can then gauge public perceptions to a greater degree.

Armed with the power of data that’s given by these users, Moments provides a symbiotic relationship between people and the brands they use, which actively benefits both.


Considering that Profila is primarily about user data, it is only natural that one of their main features is devoted directly to the generation of these data pools. This is where user-value is generated within the application, with Profila accounts that spend more time filling out different surveys within this section becoming more valuable over time.

By accessing the Self-Discovery portion of Profila, users are able to take quizzes about themselves. Within these quizzes, they will be asked to respond to a range of questions about a specific topic. Users can choose a general quiz about themselves and their interests or pick a quiz within an area that they have a particular interest in.

Currently, there are over 50 categories within the Self-Discover Profila section, allowing users to find a niche that they are interested in and then being able to complete the quiz. Alongside making their account more valuable, the completion of these quizzes will then set them up for partnerships with brands.

For example, someone that’s completed a food quiz and revealed a strong affinity for one specific type of food is much more likely to be approached than someone that’s got no information on their profile. This section of the app, therefore, creates a double benefit for users, boosting the visibility and total value of their Profila account. 

Data Subscription

While the first half of Profila’s features are devoted to the generation and documentation of data, the second half move towards the processing and selling of that data. Profila’s main concept is of ‘Zero Party Data’, with all data on the app being created directly by the user themselves, about themselves. 

Once they’ve completed a range of different quizzes and elaborated on who they are in their profile, they’re then able to navigate to the data subscription page. Within this page, they can then create contracts with an unlimited number of brands that are partners with Profila. As this is a user-first marketing pathway, the user is able to choose the terms of the contract.

Within the data subscription tab, users are able to set the duration and purpose of their data use, with brands then only being able to use their data within those terms. This returns the power of user data back to the people, putting them in charge of their own data and ensuring that businesses have to start playing by the peoples’ terms.


The final central feature of Profila is the metronome tab. Based of the peace-keeping tool within music, the Profila metronome allows users to change their desired preference and speed of communication with brands. If a user wants more brands to contact them, they can specify this within the metronome tab.

Equally, if they want to stem the flow of information and receive less news, then they can turn the metronome down. With this, they’ll get fewer brands contacting them, allowing them to always play on their own terms when it comes to their personal data.

Metronome further demonstrates the extent to which Profila puts the customer first. Instead of making a user partner with brands on the brand’s terms, every aspect of the deal, even up to the frequency of communication, is controlled by the users themselves. 

Final Thoughts

Customer data is an incredibly valuable resource that companies use every single day to streamline their product sales services. Yet, the value generated by this data was – until Profila – going to middlemen services instead of the consumer.

With the introduction of Profile’s Zero-party data services, both consumers and companies are set to benefit. Profila brings ownership back to the consumer, giving them power over their own data. With this comes more accurate, and therefore potent, data, which can be used by businesses to create better products and marketing campaigns going forward.

As Profila continues to dominate the user-driven product space, the whole online consumer experience is set to rapidly shift.

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