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Portal Fantasy: A Fantastic RPG Experience

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Pixel RPGs that are fun to play while also being truly rewarding are a dying breed. But the team behind Portal Fantasy aims to turn that around.

Designed from the ground up to be a community-focused RPG that places user-generated content at the forefront, Portal Fantasy is here to make sure it grows into a game that stands the test of time.

Portal Fantasy’s game mechanics are very reminiscent of old-school Pokémon and Zelda games. Its level progression, which features traveling to multiple worlds, is very Metroidvania-esque. But it also stands very much on its own two feet with a fresh spin on the pixel RPG—community contributions.

The game’s backers and partners are nothing short of incredible, Makers Fund, Blizzard Fund, Ava Labs, YGG SEA, Avalaunch, GFR Fund, Infinity Ventures, Genesis Block Ventures, Keychain Capital, C2 Ventures, Mirana, Wave Financial, D1 Ventures. Their faith in Portal Fantasy speaks volumes about its potential to set a new standard in blockchain games.

Players can choose two playstyles when starting Portal Fantasy: Hero or Architect.  The former allows you to explore various hub-sized worlds using the Portal Altar. In them, Heroes can befriend and train Porbles, who are magical creatures that dwell within the worlds of Portal Fantasy. Heroes will also be rewarded for exploring and completing quests.

Meanwhile, the Architect path offers a more passive playstyle. Architects can use the Creator’s Compass to design and build new worlds—this is where the community-run aspect of Portal Fantasy comes in.

The worlds created by Architects can then be explored by Heroes; the more heroes
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