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NFT Project To Donate completely Of Income To Help Afghan Women Access Education

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Bookblocks. io, an NFT company offers partnered with a New York-based business, Women for Afghan Women to help women in Afghanistan have access to education.

Under the new Taliban-run govt, women in Afghanistan have experienced their rights to training restricted by the fundamentalist militants. Since this development, Afghan women have taken to the streets to protest. Over a dozen women protested outside the premises of what used to be the particular Afghan Women’ s Affairs Ministry – until the Taliban turned it into the department for the “ propagation associated with virtue and the prevention associated with vice. ”

Bookblocks. io NFT

Bookblocks. io announced that it would be releasing a non-fungible token on October 5, and the earnings of its sales would be given to Women for Afghan Females (WAW). Women for Afghan Women is a grassroots city society organization dedicated to protecting and promoting the rights of disenfranchised Afghan women and girls in Afghanistan and New York.

Based on the company, the inspiration for the NFT was Louisa May Alcott, who was a master for women’s rights. “ Not only did her a lot of famous writings seek to lift women in society, but she was an ardent feminist, abolitionist, plus supporter of women’s suffrage. As such, she seemed a perfect inspiration for our charity concentrate this month, which is dedicated to helping the woman and girls of Afghanistan find equality in all aspects of life. ”

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The NFT is a portrait of Louisa May Alcott with 2 different butterfly wings. It signifies the hopeful introduction of Afghan women and ladies from the restrictions that impede their freedoms. The background shades of each NFT are also different, signifying the diversity of backgrounds that make up the women and girls that Women for Afghan Women serve. There are also 4 different versions of this representation to represent the 40% of Afghan children which suffer from malnutrition.

The company says it will mint 2200 copies of this NFT to represent the reported 2. 2 million girls currently excluded from school in Afghanistan. 100% of the money raised from the sale of the NFTs will go towards Women regarding Afghan Women, with a 5% residual for each subsequent selling. The price starts at 0. 025 Ether (ETH).

Other NFT And Crypto Donations To Afghanistan

There are several ongoing projects within the digital assets space which are focused on charity work towards Afghanistan. About a month ago, Jack port Butcher, the founder of Visualize Value, launched a number of NFT “care packages, ” that cover one Afghan family’s emergency needs for just one month. This care deal is still accepting donations via The Giving Block.

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Various other organizations are also accepting crypto donations through The Giving Block to provide humanitarian aid in Afghanistan. They include: Save the kids. International Medical Corps, Immediate Relief, and Code In order to Inspire.

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