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LET Oracle is ready, DeFi will soon witness LinkEye’s credit empire

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This year, due to the rise of DAO and Uniswap, coupled with the popularity of SushiSwap, people began to be crazy about DeFi, and many crypto investors and developers, as well as traditional financial players could not wait to join the game. DeFi once became a hot topic among public.

However, the silence after the fire followed, and many projects began to realise that their ecological construction has reached a bottleneck, as there are only a handful of popular DeFi tracks. Therefore, for continuous break through, construction of DeFi Lego needs to be considered.

DeFi Lego may open a new round of carnival

In the DeFi Lego ecology, each product is a module. Through the combination of different modules, new products can be launched to achieve the effect of 1+1>2. Lego toys are the best example and source of inspiration for these modules: although every small block may seem ordinary, but when put together, there will be endless possibilities. In the world of DeFi, the key of the first round is building Lego blocks, and that of the second round is to assemble Lego. Through the accumulation of different modules, a new ecology can be built, the value of DeFi can be enhanced, and new experiences can be brought to users.

Take the recent popular project Yearn as an example. Its founder, AC, has continuously spliced ​​DeFi Lego and successively announced the merger of multiple DeFi projects such as Cream Finance, Cover Protocol, Ankropolis, Sushiswap, etc., opening the DeFi ecological expansion. Within only 2 months, Yearn’s governance token YFI rose from a few dollars to 40,000 US dollars, shocking the public. Yearn alone stirred up the DeFi market, stimulating the development of DeFi and the improvement of the whole ecology.

In addition to Yearn, in many DeFi tracks, we can see different projects has been proactively building Lego ecology, and these projects compete with each other while cooperating to seek a win-win situation, injecting new vitality into the DeFi market. Through the integration of different modules, DeFi can achieve more advanced application scenarios, which will produce a radically innovative subversion of DeFi. With DeFi Lego, the next round of carnival might not be far.

LinkEye credit investigation Lego blocks are ready

Among many DeFi tracks, the credit investigation field is rarely mentioned. However, as a key link in the credit system, credit investigation is the key foundation for financial credit risk management. Compared with traditional finance, blockchain credit investigation is fairer and more transparent due to its distributed, unalterable, and authentic properties.

With the great popularity of DeFi, blockchain credit investigation has once again attracted public attention. Many projects and even large banks have begun to study credit records on chain. For example, Teller raised $1 million, trying to integrate data from traditional credit institutions with DeFi; ICBC launched a digital credit certificate payment method in Xiongan in April this year, opening the era of credit investigation on chain.

In the field of credit investigation, we must mention LinkEye, a DeFi project established in 2017. Based on the Chinese, Southeast Asian and European markets, LinkEye shares a list of untrustworthy people among alliance members through the deep integration of blockchain technology and credit economic models and connects various credit data islands to form a true, reliable, and extensive social system. In all, LinkEye project is epoch-making significant in terms of using technological means to promote the development of a global credit society.

As early as 2018, LinkEye became the leader of blockchain credit investigation, and proposed solutions in the white paper, dedicated to allowing people with good credit to get better financial services; while people with poor credit cannot get financial services. With the help of blockchain technology, LinkEye has already built a distributed, non-tamperable, and authentic data sharing platform, and provides data services to customers based on the value of data. So far, LinkEye has created a black and white list of blockchain credit information and shared it among major alliance member chains.

In addition, in order to further share the credit data platform and ensure data security and accuracy, LinkEye reviewed the situation and built the LET oracle. As a credit data center, LET can provide off-chain credit data on chain. The LinkEye oracle will provide authentic off-chain data, better integrate on-chain data, and generate more valuable data information. Through the call of the data interface and the verification of the node, LinkEye predicts the opportunity to become an important bridge linking real data and encrypted events.

Staking and liquidity mining are one of the popular tracks of DeFi. Many people may not know that the king in the credit investigation field released the function of staking as early as 2018: investors can obtain 50% of the corresponding value of ETH according to the market price by staking LET in platform. Not long ago, LinkEye adjusted its strategy according to the development of the industry and began to combine smart contracts to practice the decentralization of staking, which perfectly in line with the central concept of DeFi.

In summary, closely following the trend of the times and the development of DeFi, LinkEye, the blockchain credit investigation giant, has made great breakthrough in the first round of DeFi construction, achieving the perfection of blockchain credit investigation, the advent of the LET oracle, and decentralized staking, which perfectly laid a solid foundation for its construction of Lego empire in the coming round.

With the combined advantage, LinkEye is bound to stand out

In the second round of development, LinkEye has shown a complete ecology.


LinkEye will rely on the value of data to provide data services to customers and generate blockchain credit black and white lists through the built blockchain data center and the newly built blockchain oracle mechanism, which will be shared among major alliance chains to create DeFi New Era. Being an expert in alliance chain and blockchain credit data, LinkEye has built a solid infrastructure in this regard. Through the already built blockchain data center and the newly built blockchain oracle mechanism, LinkEye will seek innovation and breakthroughs in the new blockchain landscape. In addition, with years of accumulation of staking, LinkEye has unique advantages and can better provide opportunities for DeFi and serve users.

Since native DeFi cannot screen users, it will cause irreversible losses due to malicious operations during the application operation stage. LinkEye has been intensively working on decentralized credit data. The oracle service can provide DeFi products with accurate credit data and ensure the safety of DeFi products. LinkEye provides trusted offline data on chain through the built blockchain data center and the newly built blockchain oracle mechanism, providing credible data services for staking and transactions. In addition, through blockchain and smart contract technology, LinkEye can guarantee the intelligence, security and convenience of assets on the user chain, thereby creating a powerful and diversified DeFi ecosystem; while through self-built fund pools and integrated fund pools, LinkEye will provide users with a wealth of liquidity mining services.

In the past few years, LinkEye has been committed to exploring digital asset credit data. Through technologies such as smart contracts and oracles, LinkEye will provide users with decentralized digital asset staking, wealth management, and trading services in the new round, and will combine credit investigation, lending, trading, insurance, and revenue aggregation modules. This spark ignited by LinkEye might be as inspiring as the one Yearn ignited.

Currently, the Lego Empire built by LinkEye has already been formed, and the various modules complement each other, creating a new and better ecology. We believe that with the previous ecological construction foundation and the technical support of the various modules, LinkEye’s Lego Empire is worth looking forward to!

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