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IOTA: Public testnet for Chrysalis phase 2 is close to release

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  • The public testnet for IOTA Chrysalis phase 2 is close to be released.
  • The IOTA Foundation has already booked several auditing companies for the coming weeks to carry out the audits of the individual components.

As the end of the year approaches, the release of IOTA Chrysalis phase 2 is also getting closer. The eagerly awaited upgrade for IOTA mainnet is currently scheduled for “early new year”, after a release originally planned for October. However, according to a new status update from Jakub Cech, Technical Director at the IOTA Foundation, there is great progress to report for Chrysalis phase 2.

Regarding the publication of a testnet, Cech explained that the IOTA Foundation is already testing the new Chrysalis functionalities on a private testnet. Currently, they are “working on bringing all the necessary bits and pieces for making the testnet public together.”. According to Cech, this includes a CLI wallet that is nearing completion, a new faucet, a complete infrastructure, a stabilized node software, the with JavaScript bindings and the with JavaScript bindings.

Regarding a timeframe, Cech said that the current goal is “to have the necessary tooling ready by the end of next week”. In addition, the IOTA Foundation’s technical director emphasized that a large part of the effort for phase 2 of Chrysalis is to test the new functionality:

We have booked the relevant availability with multiple external auditing firms for the upcoming weeks to start auditing the different components as soon as possible.

IOTA’s progress on Bee, Hornet, Firefly and Stronghold

Regarding the progress of the individual components of Chrysalis phase 2, Cech reported that last week the Bee team successfully connected a Bee node to Hornet node on the private Chrysalis testnet. This allowed the team to successfully test synchronization between the nodes.

The team is also in the process of updating the network protocol, optimizing the ledger and snapshot implementation. The upcoming focus, says Cech, will be “largely on documentation, testing and verification” of the individual components.

Referring to and, the Rust implementations of the standard client library and wallet functionality, Cech said that the reattachment, promotion and retry logic has been merged. In addition, the node synchronization process is now working. With regard to Stronghold, Cech announced:

Top-level library for Stronghold is in progress, this will be used as an entry point to Stronghold for all consuming applications (and bindings). Main focus is to get the wallet and its integration with the libraries in working order.

As recently announced, Chrysalis phase 2 will also come with a new wallet implementation called Firefly, replacing Trinity. Cech reported on the development progress of Firefly:

Work continues on hooking up to the wallet application. The goal of this week is to complete the integration of the UI. This will allow us to have the first wallet alpha available for the community in the upcoming weeks. Work on the new faucet, which will be powered by using Neon bindings is in progress. Front-end has been designed, integration will follow.

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