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IOTA foundation deepens cooperation with EIT Climate KIC

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  • Cooperation between IOTA Foundation and EIT Climate KIC follows a “Deep Demonstration” approach to build sustainable technologies.
  • IOTA Foundation consolidated cooperations to create technologies for a more ecological and sustainable future.

The IOTA Foundation has provided information on the progress of its partnership with EIT Climate KIC. As part of a series of pots that will provide more details on the long-term vision of the network’s partnerships, the IOTA foundation explained how the vision of the initiative EIT Climate KIC is combined with the technology they have developed in three key areas.

The IOTA foundation and EIT Climate KIC announced their cooperation in mid-2019. The partners are following a “Deep Demonstration” approach that corresponds to an idea they have called “Long Termism”. The IOTA foundation explains that the main target of this principle is to change the way a project is considered positive only if it provides immediate gains or results.

The EIT Climate KIC’s main objective is to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon economy. Therefore, EIT Climate KIC and IOTA aim to understand how certain technologies impact society. From this data, they intend to build a sustainable future.

Decentralized technologies are “the best bet”, says the IOTA Foundation. The partners will use the “Deep Demonstration” approach to, according to the Head of Disruptive Technology Experimentation at EIT Climate KIC, Dr. Harald Rauter:

Re-image our now for the possibility of a different future; one that is climate just, socially inclusive and economically prosper for all. The challenge seems overwhelming – and maybe it is. What is clear is that we will have to leave our well-known paths and instead deliberately tap into a space of uncertainty. (…) At EIT Climate-KIC, we have therefore launched the Deep Demonstration approach which, at its core, aims to embrace the complexity of the challenge.

IOTA will continue to push for a sustainable future

The IOTA foundation considers the Internet of Things, self-sovereignty of identity, and the decentralization of markets and digital assets as the key areas to achieve the above. Therefore, in 2021 they will continue to give priority to building technology that offers “real utility” for today and the future.

A few days ago, the organization launched a pilot project for monitoring, reporting, and verification for climate action called DigitalMRVTM. Although this is an important step forward, the IOTA foundation believes that much progress is still needed to reduce the gap between technological innovation and sustainability.

Next year, the IOTA foundation promises to continue a two-way approach based on achieving partnerships with organizations to promote the sustainability of technological innovations. At the same time, they will continue to make and test “hypotheses in iterative experiments”.

As reported by CNF, the IOTA Foundation has been selected by the European Commission to be part of the “Dig_it” project to create a sustainable mining industry. Furthermore, IOTA is part of the +CityXchange project to develop technology for renewable energy use in cities. Both partnerships are an example of the IOTA Foundation’s vision of sustainability for the future.

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