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IOTA announces Stronghold beta coming soon and audit for Firefly

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  • IOTA Foundation developers are close to completing the process to launch the beta version of Stronghold.
  • The Firefly wallet team prepares to audit the app with an “interactive approach”.

The IOTA Foundation’s Director of Engineering, Jakub Cech, gave an update on the most important components and elements they are currently developing. From Chrysalis, Pollen, Bee, Stronghold, and IOTA’s new wallet Firefly, Cech touched on points of interest for the community and users that have been gaining interest due to the recent rally in the cryptocurrency.

On Stronghold, Cech stated that they are close to launching a beta test in the coming weeks. “With the conclusion of the macOS and Linux runtimes, the only blocker for our forthcoming Beta release in the coming weeks is our Windows allocator”.

This component of Stronghold will enable systems using the software to gain greater “guarantees about memory security.” Cech revealed that the Firefly team has used the software as part of the Stronghold audit process. This has allowed them to “improve our security model without making sacrifices to the performance or usability” of the software. IOTA Foundation’s Director of Engineering added:

In the next few weeks we also expect to have our pull requests [1, 2] at Riker merged, which will enable us to include the firewalled communications actor in the beta release.

Overall, the team is making progress on the desktop application that will be used to verify security in the peer-to-peer network. The application uses a web frontend known as Tauri, and employs two plugins: tauri stronghold and tauri authentication. The IOTA Foundation plans to make them “publically available in the very near future”.

Also, the Firefly team has been making preparations for the upcoming IOTA wallet to enter an audit process. IOTA Foundation’s Director of Engineering stated the following about the process:

The auditing takes on an interactive style where the auditors consult and report findings to the development team over a period of 10 days. In this way, the Firefly team can already start remediating any findings as and when they are made.

Firefly is in a “solid” state, Cech confirmed, with much of its functionality operational. In that regard, Cech called the current stage a “cleanup.” Developers will take the opportunity to add missing features and fix other bugs while improving the user interface. IOTA Foundation plans to launch a public Beta test when “the application is in the right state.”

Progress on Chrysalis phase 2

Slated for deployment in Q1, 2021, Chrysalis phase 2 appears to be moving quickly toward deployment. Cech confirmed that all components are under test, as reported by CNF in early February. The node software Bee recently joined the Chrysalis testnet.

Pollen’s team, for its part, is focusing on refactoring the Tangle network. Already in its final stages, the next priority will be to integrate Mana and other improvements as part of the “redesigned flow” of Coordicide. Cech added:

We are planning to roll out this change within a short series of updates to the Pollen network and then incrementally shift towards Nectar starting from the Mana integration.

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