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Iconic rapper Ice Cube backs Dogecoin amid a ‘historical’ DOGE transaction

  • Bill Lee, founder of MyDoge wallet purchased 24 “Alien” NFTs for the BIG3 deal by paying 5 million DOGE coins.
  • This has been probably the largest commercial transaction in the history of Dogecoin.

O’Shea Jackson Sr, the iconic rapper popular as Ice Cube has recently extended his support for meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin. He decided to do so after an “incredible and historical” DOGE transaction by Bill Lee, co-founder of Craft Ventures.

Ice Cube’s latest Dogecoin connection relates to the BIG3 basketball league, where he’s the co-founder. The BIG3 league features former NBA stars in a three-on-three, unlike the conventional five-on-five basketball games.

Last month in April 2022, the BIG3 announced a new ownership model in the league. Interestingly it also allowed selling tokenized stakes to each of the 12 teams. Each team gets a total of 1000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Besides, there are 25 “Fire” NFTs each worth $25,000. There are also 975 “Gold” NFTs each worth $5,000.

Recently, Ice Cube announced that Snoop Dogg was buying two teams in the BIG3 League. On Wednesday, May 4, Bill Lee – MyDoge wallet co-founder – told Ice Cube that “if ya dig DOGE, me and the DogeArmy will take one as well”.

Replying to it, Ice Cube said: “come on with it Bill, you know I’m down with the DogeArmy”. However, there’s no clarity regarding how “down” Ice Cube is with the DogeArmy.

MyDOGE buys BIG3 team NFTs in a huge Dogecoin transaction

On Wednesday, Bill Lee announced that he has purchased 25 Fire-Tier editions of BIG3’s Aliens through Dogecoin. Bill Lee paid around 5 million DOGE coins worth $625,000 for owning all 25 NFTs. The BIG3 called it the largest commercial transaction in the history of DOGE. Ice Cube also called this transaction “incredible and historical”.

Welcoming Bill Lee aboard, BIG3 co-founder, Jeff Kwatinetz said:

Having buy-in from Bill, who has done so much in the NFT and crypto world, confirms what we are doing here is a game-changer. We are thrilled to partner up with Bill and have the MyDoge and Dogecoin communities be represented by the Aliens. We have made history with this transaction, and we hope it inspires others in the Doge world to support the team whether by purchasing the Gold-Tiers, by attending games, or by tuning in.

On the other hand, Lee took a jibe at NFTs featuring apes and owls. Lee said: “While others are buying NFT images of apes and owls, I believe that NFTs with utility are the next frontier.  It is a dream to own a basketball team and the BIG3 is shifting the NFT game by offering ownership rights such as licensing/IP, team voting/management, and merchandising. The Doge Army and I look forward to making Dogecoin the people’s currency while helping our team hoist the championship trophy. I can’t think of a better NFT experience than that today.”

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