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I designed some bitcoin mugs and I’m selling them for bitcoin only

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I designed some bitcoin mugs and I'm selling them for bitcoin only

My goal is to create products that are 100% produced by bitcoin. I'm really trying to do what I can to build the bitcoin economy. When you buy a product from, you'll know that you're supporting people that are willing to work for bitcoin.

These mugs are made with the highest quality food safe materials. If I'm going to ask people to part with their bitcoin I want it to be for a product that is actually really good. I was tired of cheap generic bitcoin products of sites like zazzle and cafe press. I made sure that these are the best enamel mugs on the market – and they are and they have personality.

The design has a piggy bank, a coin mixer, a honey badger, a watch tower, lightning bolts, mining ax, and of course a rocket ship. There were only 298 made so like bitcoin, these are scarce.

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