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History time: Tell us how you found about Bitcoin and how has it changed your life

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I found BTC in 2011 when Creepypastas where a thing all over YouTube, I watched some dude's video about the deep web and how you could find everything you couldn't find on the "surface web".

I downloaded TOR, went through some sites out of curiosity (mostly fake ID sellers) and noticed this weird symbol ₿ I had never seen before.

I did some research of what it meant and I found some sellers accepting PayPal so I bought $30 worth of BTC (close to 15 BTC at that time) and continued browsing the deep web, then I forgot about the whole thing for the next 6 years…

In June 2017, I saw a local news article on how well Bitcoin had been performing throughout 2017, then it hit me: HOLY SHT I HAD SOME OF THOSE COINS, luckily I was able to find my keys and move those coins to an upgraded wallet.

When BTC hit $18,000 I sold 3 coins to help my parents remodel their restaurant, and paid their mortgage (a big "F*** you" to the bank in behalf of Satoshi lol).. Now we have a bigger, more beautiful and successful restaurant, no mortgage debt and I still have 12 coins left which I won't sell in the short term, not even to buy a new car.

Thanks Bitcoin, thanks Satoshi for helping us on our fight against abusive interest rates from bank loans and thanks to all the community for keeping this project alive.

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