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Grow Your Bitcoin 5,000% by the End of 2022, Doing This!

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As the bear trend continues into the autumn, Bitcoin owners have seen the currency drop below the $20,000 threshold, and the market is still falling. Even so, this doesn’t mean that crypto owners should give up on digital assets or just sit around, waiting for prices to recover.

In fact, in the current market conditions, some coins are actually soaring in value, such as RBIS, the token behind the ArbiSmart project. ArbiSmart is a rapidly expanding financial services ecosystem. It offers a number of bear-resilient utilities, which have made it a popular choice among crypto investors, and according to analysts, RBIS is set to rise to 30 times the current value by the end of the year and climb even higher in Q1 of 2023.

The perfect project in a crash

When it comes to making money from your crypto in a bear market, many of the options are exceptionally risky or involve constant market monitoring.

However, ArbiSmart’s automated crypto arbitrage service lets users deposit funds and let the algorithm take over. It converts the funds into the native token, RBIS, and uses them to generate reliable passive profits of up to 45% a year. The exact amount depends on the size of the investment and remains the same, whichever direction the market is moving.

Crypto arbitrage works by taking advantage of price inefficiencies. These are brief periods during which a coin is simultaneously available across exchanges at different prices. Inefficiencies pop up all the time in all types of market conditions, and there are numerous causes, such as a difference in trading volume between a larger exchange and a smaller one.

ArbiSmart’s automated system is connected to 35 exchanges, where it tracks hundreds of crypto assets 24/7, looking
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