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Fuzzle Brings NFTs to Life Through Exciting AI Applications

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Technology has come a long way and many compare it to Pandora’s box – once you let it out, you can’t put it back in.

And so far, that’s turning out to be one of the greatest analogies. Let’s look at an example from a period that millennials should be very familiar with – the late 90s. Do you remember the Tamagotchi?

That “digital” egg-bound pet quickly became all the rage and over 10 million people owned one by June of 1997. Presented as a funny keychain, the device was the most entertaining invention for many kids who had something to look after, take care of, and proudly show it to their peers. This “virtual pet,” so to speak, continued to evolve in many shapes and forms.

Now, Fuzzle brings Tamagotchies to a whole new level, powered by extraordinary AI tech and brought directly to our smartphones.

What is Fuzzle?

Fuzzle is created by Endless AI and the blockchain gaming giant Gala Games. It’s presented as ownable and unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that do so much more compared to the Tamagotchis that most of us remember.

Fuzzles are also more than just a digital assistant such as Siri or Alexa, who are programmed to merely assist with certain pre-defined tasks. Although your Fuzzle may have the appeal of a toy, it’s meant to do so much more.

Described as “digital therapy pets,” Fuzzles are designed to be able to converse in a casual and human-sounding voice. They are supposedly capable of providing good advice or even steps to feel better in times of trouble.


Based on your interactions with it, your Fuzzle is also capable of developing opinions – albeit for better or worse. Interestingly enough, if you approach it with some sort of a political topic, for instance, it could disagree with you just for the sake of having a conversation. You can also ask your Fuzzle to tell you a story. The artificial intelligence that’s powering these digital creatures is also programmed in a way that prevents the use of any kind of hateful content, meaning that no matter how you treat it, your Fuzzle won’t learn these bad behaviors – but it could ask you to stop behaving this way.

How Do Fuzzles Work?

The team at Endless AI has taken advantage of GPT-3 cutting edge language prediction model that was created by OpenAI. It was released in May of 2020 and it stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3rd Generation.

Many believe this to be the most sophisticated learning model known to us today. In other words – don’t mistake these creatures for their cuteness – they might as well be amongst the most conversational AI out there.

It’s worth noting that their full functionalities won’t be released immediately once the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are sold. The sale itself starts on April 27th. The fusion of the language prediction model and the real item ownership powered by the Ethereum-based tokens is intended to deliver a powerful combination.

At first, your digital pet will learn from you on a per-conversation basis. However, the goal is for the Fuzzle to eventually be capable of remembering all of your interactions and everything it has learned from you – or anyone else who has owned that specific Fuzzle.

The team behind Gala Games also aims to add real-world value into these collectibles and will work to deliver future opportunities to earn rewards that may come in the form of access to certain events, exclusive NFT drops, games, and so forth.

Upcoming Fuzzle Sale

Those who wish to become the first owners of Fuzzles will have this opportunity on April 27th. 9,997 unique first-generation pets will be launched and users can buy them using both GALA and ETH.

At this date, users will be able to get Fuzzle Pods, that can be exchanged for actual Fuzzle NFTs a few days later. Once they’ve left their pods, Fuzzles will become the actual digital friends that you can converse with.

More information is available on their official website.