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Friendly Hacker Returns Bitcoins to Blockchain Users

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It was recently documented that blockchain. info users had up to 250 bitcoins lost during a security lapse that took place during the early hours of Monday, December 8th.   The site took full responsibility for the circumstance on Twitter, announcing that they were at fault and works towards reimbursing any whose funds may have disappeared during the event.

Right now, what can only be described as a “ hacker with morals” has come forward to confess that he had taken (and has returned) the lost bitcoins.   Going by the title ‘ johoe’ on the well-known forum Bitcoin Talk, the particular hacker explains:

“ There were a large couple of new broken addresses today (several 100s in one day).   I took the liberty of saving several funds before they got swiped by others.   If you can convince me which they belong to you (signing a note with the address is obviously insufficient; the private key is known), I will send the funds back. ”

Johoe then published a list of over 1, 1000 addresses that he believed have been compromised and invited customers to check if the list included theirs.   Following e-mail communication with blockchain CTO Ben Reeves, johoe later posted:

“ The money has been returned to blockchain. info.   Make sure you write to blockchain assistance to claim refund. ”

In response, johoe has received acclaim from the bitcoin community, with some actually going so far as to claim that blockchain compensate or employ him.