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Food for Thought?

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If 3645 Bitcoin sold on Bitstamp at $7500 caused the sell pressure that resulted in the slip from $7500 to $6200…then couldn't 15 million people with $1.81 a piece cause an almost equal spike if purchased at the same time?

I'm once again asking if we can move the needle by timing small purchases amongst an enormous group.

The math is simple the timing isn't… someone said that its like insider trading what I am suggesting. Who is going to prosecute people for buying Bitcoin?

I'm tired of reading the same old great news about all the amazing things that we are accomplishing whilst the price continues lower. So how about you upvote this idea/question and get some discussion going on about how much we can move the needle and say to hell with the institutions and their money because as soon as those people actually start missing out I can guarantee you that they will pour in but if we do nothing then they'll probably short to damn near nothing and TBH if it's as simple as I have suggested then we poor people deserve just that.

This entire space needs to get it's shit together and learn what the power of the people means. 2020 what will we do?

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