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Fitcoin: An App that Offers Bitcoin Payments for Working Out

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With the increase of wearable technology plus fitness trends these days, that it is no wonder that app programmers are taking advantage of the bandwagon and created an app that can reward you within bitcoin payments for working out. Creators at this Austin-based organization claim that this app will pay you based on the intensity of your own workouts.

Users can simply create an account within their bitcoin repository, download the app, and sync the info to a fitness tracker. This particular app is available for iOS devices for now and makes use of information from heart rate trackers available with public accessibility.

fitcoin app bitcoin payment for keeping fit

Earning Bitcoins in Fitness

In particular, Fitcoin works with wearables such as Mio heart rate monitor, Jawbone UP3, and new fitness tracker called Atlas. Syncing these devices to the Fitcoin app allows the app in order to the length of your fitness action and heart rate levels, which usually it then triangulates using an formula to determine how much energy you’re expending or the intensity of your workout.

From there, the app calculates how much this is worth in bitcoin payments. According to its creative director Ali Madad, the app offers an interesting system play application and support layer. He added that he also sees this app as something that consumers might use everyday.

During the app demonstration, programmer Grant Nicol tried the particular workout and raised his heart rate to 115 is better than per minute. With roughly 3 minutes and 40 seconds into the workout, he was able to generate 5 cents in equivalent bitcoin payments.

Of course this amount is only from the stash associated with bitcoin that the company has amassed in order to test the particular app out. The group still has a few months to work on the concept but eventually hopes that this could merge the rise in wearable technology and the growing popularity of bitcoin payments, eventually providing a few to support healthier lifestyles.