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First public alpha testnet for IOTA Chrysalis phase 2 released

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  • The IOTA Foundation has released a first public testnet for Chrysalis phase 2.
  • It is a first alpha version that does not yet include the core library and Stronghold, among other things.

The IOTA Foundation took another important step towards the release of Chrysalis phase 2 in yesterday evening’s hours. The non-profit open source foundation behind the IOTA Tangle announced the launch of a public testnet for Chrysalis phase 2, after the it had already tested the upgrade internally in recent weeks.

The testnet for Chrysalis phase 2 represents a full protocol rewrite and includes several new components that will allow developers to begin initial work on transitioning their integrations to the final implementation of IOTA 1.5. However, the now initial public release may still contain bugs, according to the foundation. In addition, audits are still being conducted and changes introduced in parallel.

Note that all the components are in an early alpha stage, with an outstanding audit. There will be bugs and things will break.

As Jakub Cech, technical director at the IOTA Foundation explained, the “release of Chrysalis phase 2 on the IOTA mainnet will be the biggest upgrade the IOTA network has ever undergone. A complete protocol rewrite that sets the stage for adoption and brings us one step closer to IOTA 2.0.”

This is what the new IOTA Chrysalis phase 2 testnet brings to the table

Developers can look forward to a host of new features that will now be available for testing. Among other things, the testnet features a new faucet for receiving tokens to test transfers to the CLI wallet and later to the Firefly wallet, as well as a new CLI wallet built on that allows developers to perform basic value token operations and create integrations.

In addition, the testnet also provides a new library with JS bindings via Neon. The is a general purpose wallet library written in Rust that will be used by the CLI wallet, as well as Firefly in the future. The library contains all the logic for creating wallets and integrating them on exchanges.

Also released with the new testnet was the new wallet library with JS bindings via Neon. This is a new experimental library written in TypeScript that allows users to test the new Chrysalis APIs, including sending value and data transactions and managing peers and addresses.

The goal of the first alpha release is to allow developers with an existing integration of the IOTA protocol to begin testing and providing feedback on the new libraries and components. Next, more libraries will be released to the testnet, including the core library and support for Stronghold.

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