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Financial Infidelity: Hiding Crypto Purchases is the New Cheating

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Financial Infidelity: Couples are hiding purchases from each other. This especially applies to cryptocurrency buys.

The delivery driver comes to the door… but you didn’t order a package. And then your partner swoops in, like a sweaty eagle, to intercept the package. They pant about it being for work or something, and off they go, acting like they didn’t just buy $5000 worth of XVG Verge and a bag of toys.

Seeing as it isn’t your birthday any time soon, you can safely assume the package is not a fabulous new air fryer that will make your 2-day old pizza in the fridge seem new again.

Nope, your partner is taking part in some financial infidelity.

Crypto cheaters everywhere

Delivery software company Circuit conducted a survey asking people about their spending habits.

The key findings are interesting, particularly when it comes to spending on crypto.

-50% surveyed said that their partner would disapprove of them purchasing crypto

-2 out of 5 people hid cryptocurrency purchases, saying it would damage their relationship

-Crypto is in the top 10 ten list of hidden purchases.

financial infidelity with crypto

Financial Infidelity: Other relationship cheats

58% of people in a relationship had gone on to buy something after their partner expressed disapproval.

Nearly 40% of people in a relationship have a secret credit card that their partner doesn’t know about.

A third purchased things by stealth, because they feared judgment from their lover.

Secret spenders

The study in question revealed that almost 8 out of 10 of people surveyed have hidden a purchase from a partner. The worse offenders are parents (82.9%). People with kids were way naughtier than lovers without kids (68.9%).

Secret spenders were less happy in their relationships, compared to the couples who didn’t have secrets.

4 out of 5 people who were unhappy in their relationship hid purchases from their partner. This compares to compared to 2 in 5 of those who were happy.

Stealth spending also was a factor in breakups: 90% of those who recently split with their partners, had hidden purchases from their former flames.

financial infidelity with crypto

Financial infidelity: Private deliveries

Men were more likely to think spending was none of their partner’s business.

Hiding deliveries became harder when the pandemic triggered lockdowns. 38% of stealth spenders used  special delivery requests, and 25%  intercepted their delivery driver.

22% percent of people chose to divert deliveries away from their home or workplace.

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