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Finally reached my goal, what is next?

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So I had this goal of reaching to 5% of my retirement portfolio being in Bitcoin by slowly buying periodically, and I have been buying as such for the last 14 months. Although in terms of absolute amounts it might not be much compared to holdings of many of you I finally reached my goal! This will now stay as is for the next 10-15 years until my days of retirement gets closer. Note that I do not plan to rebalance this (i.e. no selling for this period no matter what percentage of the portfolio it captures).

Now I just have to keep it at this level, meaning very small purchases, and I was thinking since I reached my goal perhaps I can shift my buying strategy from DCA into something more `risky`, i.e. buying during `oversold` territory. Obviously nobody knows where the price is going but I was wondering if I use a measure such as `Mayer Multiple` and see if historically price has been above it for 85% of the time I bulk-buy. Anybody here tried doing it this way? Can you share your experience?

It is easy to calculate MM, but for the lazy (like me) this is what I am referring to when checking historical over/under rate:

6725.21, MM:0.72

The Mayer Multiple has historically been higher than today's value 83.28% of the time.

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