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EOS Price: trades above $2.690

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The EOS price line has stayed above the $2.700 mark for December 7, while it remained between a price range of $2.695 to $2.726.

EOS Price Analysis for December 7

EOS Price Chart

Price Chart by TradingView

After EOS started just above the $2.730 mark, it showed its disarranged price variations between the $2.720 and $2.750 levels. The cryptocurrency saw bulls at $2.730, which made the price line shoot up to a daily high of 2.755 US dollars. After this, the cryptocurrency stretched into a ruffled path till the end of December 7, after which it experienced a bearish drop which led the price line below the $2.700 mark. Here, the cryptocurrency reached its day’s low of 2.695 US dollars.

The cryptocurrency showed continuous variations until the end of the first quarter of December 8, where it ranged between $2.690 and $2.710. Just before the time of writing, EOS retraced to 2.716 US dollars.

EOS/USD Price Analysis: December 7

EOS Price Chart

Price Chart by TradingView

The moving averages have stayed in the green area (above the current trading price) for all of December 7, until it saw bears on December 8 and sunk into the red region (below the current trading price). The 50-Day Moving Average closed below the EMA and the trading pair, with a value of $2.706. The 20-Day Exponential Moving Average closed just above the MA, at $2.711.

EOS has shown only one instance of being overbought, and just one instance of being oversold. The RSI had reached a high of 76.44, and a low of 16.17 during this 1-Day price analysis. Currently, the RSI lies at 61.64.


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