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EOS price sees rise to $3.650

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EOS shows a stairway-like incline towards the $3.650 mark on the 1-Day price chart for January 26. The cryptocurrency had fallen below the $3.450 mark as January 25 came to an end. The price line saw significant inclines, each amounting to a $0.500 increase in the price, at four times of the day.

1-Day EOS Price Analysis (January 26)

EOS Price Chart

EOS Price Chart by TradingView

After starting the day at $3.425 US Dollars, the EOS coin saw bulls and moved towards the $3.500 mark by 01:01 GMT and continued trading just below the price line until it faced bulls again at 03:19 GMT. The cryptocurrency immediately reached the $3.550 mark and began a short retreat towards the $3.500 level which was completed by 07:07 GMT. After this, the price line saw another incline towards $3.597 US Dollars by 08:28 GMT.

The EOS/USD trading pair varied its price movements between the $3.550 and $3.600 marks until 16:38 GMT when it was subjected to another incline which took the price towards the $3.650 level. At the end of the day, EOS stood at $3.647 US Dollars.

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)

EOS Price Featured Chart

EOS Price Chart by TradingView

For a brief moment, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) slipped below level 30 at 15:41 GMT, for most of the time of the day, the RSI remained between the levels 30 and 70 on the scale for January 26. The RSI was seen at a high of 84.31 at 03:32 GMT.

At the end of January 26, the 20-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) stood at $3.637, while the 50-Day Moving Average (MA) was observed closing at $3.633.

Featured Image by Mathyas Kurmann.