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EOS Price: falls by 0.64 percent

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With a day’s range of $2.717 to $2.750, the EOS price line forms a triangular pattern for December 8 and December 9.

EOS/USD Price Analysis for December 8

EOS Price

Price Chart by TradingView

After starting above the $2.720 mark, EOS saw bulls early into the 1-Day price analysis that took the price below the $2.700 level. The cryptocurrency exhibited a ruffled price pattern until the end of the first quarter of December 8, after which it saw bulls and reached across the $2.730 mark, followed by the $2.740 level. The EOS/USD trading pair saw two price bounces before the evening of December 8. In the last 3 hours of the day, a bearish movement pulled the trading pair across the 2.770 US dollar price mark.

On December 9, the cryptocurrency saw bears that gradually took the price towards the $2.720 mark, and retraced to its current trading price of 2.733 US dollars.

EOS Price: Technical Indicators

EOS Price Chart

Price Chart by TradingView

Both of the moving averages (20-Day EMA, and 50-Day MA) close at $2.738, which is just above the trading pair’s current standing ($2.733).

The Relative Strength Index has shown volatile movements over the price analysis, where it reached a high of 84.39, depicting an overbought instance. At the start of December 8, the RSI reached a low of 16.53, which shows an oversold condition of the cryptocurrency. As per, EOS has a current market capitalization of 2,583,360,219 US dollars.

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