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Dubai-Based Exchange Announces Innovative Platform With Copy Trading Function

Trading in the crypto market had been one of the best ways for investors to make money. However, it is no secret that this can be an arduous process when it comes to getting started. Being inexperienced comes with a lot of risks and making the right trades can be a nightmare. This is where the copy trading function comes in. Billium, a new cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the launch of its platform with this innovative feature.

Copy Trading Made Easy

Billium has announced that it is making crypto trading easy for beginners. What it has done is give beginner traders access to very experienced traders in the form of copying their trades. Now, Billium is not the first to offer such a service in the market but they are taking it one step further.

The crypto exchange ensures that trades are executed in a timely fashion, making sure that traders are able to easily place the same trades as the professionals who they copy without any lag time in between. This helps to secure each trade and make sure no one is missing out on profit.

An important detail that also helps Billium stand out from competitors is how it ensures the safety of traders who are copying trades. The process to become a certified professional trader on the Billium exchange is an arduous one. As such, only the traders that have proved themselves through their knowledge of the market and previous successes are approved to register as professional traders.

These professional traders are then incentivized by healthy rewards from all successful trades that are placed by their copiers. So in the end, it is a win-win for everyone involved. Beginner traders get help with making profitable trades, while professional traders are rewarded for their time, strategies, and knowledge.

Is It Safe To Use Billium?

The Billium platform is still in the Beta testing phase but it is set to feature best-in-class security measures to ensure the safety of all who use the platform. It features two-factor authentication to protect customers against bad actors.

When it comes to Copy Trading itself, Billium ensures the safety of all beginner traders by giving them access to the trades, statistics, strategies, and records of all the professional traders on the platform. This way, amateur users can spend look at all of the data available and choose which professional trades they would like to copy.

With Billium’s powerful algorithms, trades are provided to the copiers in real-time to ensure that they do not miss any updates from the professionals. Using Billium allows amateur traders to increase their chances of success and the professionals get to earn more in addition to their trade profits.

Billium also separates itself from the crowd in the way it deals with flagged orders. Instead of freezing flagged funds on its platform, causing them to be inaccessible, Billium sends the funds back to the sender. This way, the account where the funds originated will have access to it.

What’s In-Store

Billium cryptocurrency exchange will also offer both spot and margin trading
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