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DeFi Protocol, Uniqo Announces Rebound Feature

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Uniqo, an innovative decentralized finance [DeFi] project for stable and secure financial investments, launches a new feature.

As the first Rebound protocol in the emerging space, Uniqo aims to address all of the problems of the crypto market—unstable returns, extreme volatility, questionable smart contracts, etc.

The Rebound function will provide Uniqo with an innovative, novel approach to efficiently manage inflation.

Uniqo employs cutting-edge technology to deliver a sustainable, stable protocol independent of market fluctuations while maintaining a constant interest-sharing model.

Uniqo investors will receive reliable and consistent returns of 1% daily, regardless of price movements in the market.

Uniqo aims to be the ideal investment platform for investors, allowing them to earn constant investment returns without fretting about the risks associated with the crypto and traditional financial markets.


Uniqo espouses the automated compounding fixed interest feature that allows investors to reinvest their interests, compounding gains over time conveniently.

Uniqo eliminates the need to manage portfolios and trades actively; the auto-compounding facet mechanically reinvests the daily 1% returns.

Uniqo’s daily take profit [DTP] ratio is another unique aspect of the Rebound protocol. Uniqo eliminates all kinds of price volatility, guaranteeing investors an independent protocol, and the DTP ratio ensures

investors can withdraw profits daily as they see fit. The DTP ratio mitigates short and long-term risks.

In addition to the Rebound function, Uniqo further integrates Progressive Deflation, an unprecedented approach to contracting inflation.

Uniqo taxes on-chain transactions and all collected fees are sent to the burn address, deleting that portion of the overall supply and indirectly increasing the value of the circulating tokens progressively.

Furthermore, Uniqo employs third-party security and audit companies to guarantee investors’ and protocol security.

The results of these vulnerability checks are proof of the Rebound protocol’s firm resolve to deliver
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