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Dash Price: Peaks at $50.50

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Dash price showcased bullish upsurges as the 12th of December unfolded. The price increased by 1.5 percent in comparison to the close of the 11th of December. 

Dash Price Analysis – 12th December (DASH/USD)

Dash Price Analysis Dec 12 Chart 1

Dash Price Chart by Trading View

As shown by the graph above, the Dash price has shown some bullish upsurges over the 12th of December. The price moved from lower bounds to higher ones as the day neared the close, only to fall before it did so.

The day initiated with the price set at the $49.75 mark and continued to move on a slightly variable pathway before it fell to $49.00 at 06:07 GMT. The price then moved at these lowered ranges reaching the lowest at 13:47 GMT with a cost of $48.64.

Eventually, the price surged to result in the highest amount of  $50.50. The coin finally closed at $40.01. 

Technical Indicators

Dash Price Analysis Dec 12 Chart 2

Dash Price Chart by Trading View

The full-featured chart above shows the price of Dash has demonstrated significant differences when compared to the moving averages. This was showcased when the price fell with the bears and rose with the bulls. The 50-Day Simple Moving Average (SMA) closed at $49.99, and the 20-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) closed at $49.93.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) rested at 51.86 as it closed. There were several instances of the deviation from the normal RSI values whereby the shares were oversold twice in one day, and the shares were also overbought twice in one day. These occurred at 06:07 GMT, 13:47 GMT, 16:46 GMT, and 19:22 GMT. The highest RSI rested at 74.54, whereas the lowest RSI rested at 27.72.

Featured Image Background by Dan Meyers