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Crypto Projects to Pay Attention to in 2022

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It’s no secret that online cryptocurrency and blockchain-based projects are popping up all around the globe. Some of them hope to reshape the world we live in by making it a better place step by step.

Of course, not all projects are going to make it. If you’re looking to invest in your cryptocurrencies, you need to be extremely careful with which projects to select as your investing targets. That’s why we decided to make a shortlist of the top projects that could succeed. Some of them are already making waves in the crypto community and beyond. Let’s check them out.

Serenity Shield

Even though cryptocurrencies are built with security in mind, there are still occasional security concerns that aren’t appropriately addressed, and Serenity Shield is a solution to them. The project was launched in 2021 after the unaddressed need for secure wallets and ownership transfer increased significantly.

Each type of crypto storage, including paper, software, hardware wallets, and crypto exchange accounts, comes with complications that can lead to funds being locked forever. Serenity Shield solves this by using an encrypted and decentralized solution that will pass assets to heirs in case of a personal tragedy or death. Users will be able to claim ownership of digital keys and ensure their safety.


LunaFi is a crypto project that aims to help crypto gamblers improve their experience. It allows them to take the side of the house on the Lunabets platform, meaning they can earn a piece of the profits that the house makes from its players. Of course, they can also side with players and enjoy a unique online crypto casino experience with great odds and excellent liquidity.

In short, gambling operators on the web make a massive profit by offering their services to players worldwide, and LunaFi aims to make that profit distribution fairer and available to all $LFI holders.


Qtum is a decentralized network based on the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, which means QTUM token holders can lock their funds or delegate them to another person to approve and store new blocks on the chain.

What makes Qtum different from other similar PoS networks is that it allows offline staking. Technically speaking, you can delegate your non-staking wallet address to one of the Super Stakers (a staker who runs a full node on the network). You don’t have to give up control over your privileges or coins in that process. This is an excellent option for users who don’t have enough time or resources to be online stakers.


Luckyblock is a project that aims to become the most popular crypto games platform. The idea is to make a worldwide platform that’s not geographically tied to any country or system. Moreover, Luckyblock aims to promote transparency in online gambling and come up with improved gaming experiences for crypto owners. On top of that, Luckyblock crypto owners will have a wide array of benefits if they decide to become long-term holders.


Crypto projects are getting more exciting with each passing year. Therefore, it is more challenging to pick the best ones, but we did our best to narrow the selection to the five most promising projects. If you liked the idea behind any of the featured projects in our article, feel free to explore them further and learn more about their goals, roadmaps, and more.

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