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Crypto mining site using PlayStation 4 consoles shutdown in Ukraine for stealing electrical power

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  • Ukraine Security Assistance (SBU) has uncovered the crypto mining facility that’ s been stealing electrical power to power its procedure.
  • Since the time of operation, electrical power worth $186, 200 in order to $259, 300 was stolen each month.

Ukrainian authorities have uncovered plus shut down the largest cryptocurrency exploration facility in the country. According to reports, Ukraine’ s Security Service (SBU) found an abandoned warehouse in the city of Vinnytsia located along the Southern Bug Lake. A closer look discovered that the facility once hailed from an electricity company called JSC Vinnytsiaoblenergo.

Upon access, about 3, 800 rigged Sony PlayStation 4 games consoles together with phones, laptops, five hundred graphic cards, and 50 processors were discovered. The operators allegedly used taken electricity from the city in order to power the equipment to my own cryptocurrency.

Authorities discovered that the facility operators had tampered with the electricity meter to avoid the actual readings of the power consumption. Since the time of procedure, electricity worth roughly $186, 200 to $259, 300 had been stolen each month.

SBU disclosed that the action could have led to electricity scarcity due to a spike in power consumption caused by the mining service. JSC Vinnytsiaoblenergo released the statement to object to the claim that it is behind the particular operation of the facility, proclaiming that there is no evidence to aid the theft of electrical power.

Our company has nothing to do with any kind of illegal activity. Cryptocurrency mining equipment has never operated within the premises owned by our own company.

Many reports furthermore mentioned that the illegal exploration facility was being run from the residents of Kyiv and Vinnytsia. The security service of Ukraine has initiated felony proceedings for the unauthorized usage of water, electricity, and thermal energy according to the reports.

Ukraine cracking down illegal mining amenities

Interestingly, using gaming consoles to mine crypto is not well-known, but not completely unheard of. The YouTuber identified as Stacksmashing once modified his GameBoy to mine Bitcoin.

Ukraine has been very active in the past few months cracking down mining amenities that are using unauthorized strength. In early June, the Security Support of Ukraine uncovered a mining facility that was illegally connected to the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast energy grid. The facility experienced used electricity worth $70, 000 in three months, which led to the seizure of 350 mining rigs. About two weeks ago, another crypto mining facility that unlawfully operated in Chernihiv Oblast was shut down. 150 ASICs were seized after it had been discovered that $110, 000 really worth of electricity had been used in two months.

Ukraine is recognized as one of the world’ s biggest adopters of crypto. However , regulations have not yet been presented to control its use. A good updated bill on digital assets was submitted from the Digital Transformation Committee which according to some government bodies needs to be revised.

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