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Crypto Art with Million-Dollar Prices: More Expensive Than Top-Tier NFTs

Crypto art prices seem to be getting as out-of-control as NFT prices did. And they don’t even come with NFTs!

Just when you thought NFT prices got way out of control, now there is physical art in the crypto space that you’ll have to sell your grandmother to buy. And your grandfather. And your pets. And your shirt off your back and probably your underpants too. Start stripping off, crypto lovers.

The art offering comes from WEI ART. In essence, artworks are being peddled by an artist called Jean Marquette (who?)… who is “amongst the premier contemporary abstract and cryptography art designers.” Okay then.

The series in focus is called Innovation Series 21. They say the collection “features additional Bitcoin works to coincide with the limit assigned to never to exceed 21 million Bitcoins.”

Crypto art prices being deleted

As this story was being written, the astronomical prices were being deleted from the website. But, before they were deleted, each piece was priced in the tens of millions of dollars.

As an example of the bonkers pricing, another artwork by the same artist using the Tesla logo (copyright infringement or nah?) was priced at $42.5 million. Okay then.

Jean Marquette said the collection is “a physical creation which can be seen and touched and displayed in the grand lobby at your place of business, your yacht’s grand ballroom, or other position of prominence, defines the epitome of digital-assets art…  [they] prove most grand in exemplifying these emerging multi-trillion-dollar block-chain and crypto-currency sectors now in the process of redefining the global financial infrastructure.”

The artists claims that “each work from this multi-million dollar art collection will likely always retain or exceed the relative growth for the crypto-currency itself. From this multi-million-dollar collection, this makes owning a WEI ART COLLECTIONS work from the Innovation Series 21 a prudent investment while it dominates on physical display shining forth brightly the essence of digital-assets Bitcoin art.”

Crypto Art Prices

The artist also says that Michael Saylor of MicroStrategies, Bitcoin investment billionaire Tim Draper, and Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao have all projected that one Bitcoin may eventually surpass $100,000 per each individual coin. So the artists presumes that “The value of a work-of-art such as each Wei Art Collections work already surpasses the value of the coin itself!”

Everyone knows that the true price of art is worth what someone will pay for it. Yes, calm down sunshine, it’s a painting, not actual crypto.

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