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Cometh combines NFTs and DeFi into a fun strategy game

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The market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is growing slowly but surely. According to popular NFT marketplace OpenSea, the number of accounts that interact with these tokens has more than doubled in the past two years. This adoption is mostly led by games such as CryptoKitties, MyCryptoHereos, and Gods Unchained where some tokens have sold for over USD $170,000.

The appeal of blockchain games that use NFTs is that they allow players’ in-game achievements to have real-world value. NFTs are basically a way to create digital scarcity, they let players hold unique digital objects that are truly and provably theirs. More so, they exist independently from any one platform or service. Whenever players win a rare item, unlock an achievement, or buy a good that exists as an NFT, their ownership is registered immutably on the blockchain, allowing no other player to have that specific object. It’s as if it were physically owned by the player.

Initially, NFT games led to certain “hot potato” dynamics that fostered little to no actual interactions besides holding and trading on their speculative value. Few games, however, have combined the potential of NFTs with other popular blockchain applications that exist in decentralized finance (DeFi). Yield farming, utility tokens, and swaps are some integratable features that can make the gameplay much more interesting than just collecting and trading things. 

Cometh is a blockchain game that combines NFTs and DeFi into an actually fun gaming experience. On Cometh, players pilot yield-generating spaceships who are tasked with mining asteroids for tokens. To reach these asteroids they must pay other players to “pull” their spaceships closer to their target. These payments and all other transactions, such as buying or upgrading spaceships, are denominated in the game’s stakeable ERC20 token called $MUST ⚗.

To make the game more scalable and enjoyable, the team behind Cometh implemented a Layer 2 DeFi ecosystem that uses Optimistic Rollups to process all its necessary transactions in batches.

Cometh game

When put together, these features make for a fun strategy game where players strive to become useful NFT holders. The point of the game is to position these spaceships close to asteroids that hold valuable tokens so that other players must pay to be pulled towards them. At the same time, mining these asteroids as well as just holding the NFT spaceships produces in-game assets for players that have real-life value. 


During the first month, Cometh will release asteroids with a total of 50,000 USDT worth of tokens. More so, all the NFTs come with 30% cashback of the purchase price in $MUST ⚗. This serves as compensation to players for the current gas fees in the Ethereum blockchain.

Cometh went live on the Ethereum Mainnet on February 8th and it has already minted more than two thousand spaceships and traded over 600 ETH in volume. These are all available on Cometh’s official OpenSea account. NFT artist Arke celebrated the launch with a spaceship giveaway. The game is also live on Polygon where other promising blockchain games like Aavegotchi are about to launch as well. 

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