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Checkout Crypto Strategy Chief Talks About Crypto Payments Space

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Jess Houlgrave, head of crypto strategy at fintech, shares her perspective on the payment processing space in the bear market.

Speaking at Token2049, an annual crypto conference held in Singapore and London, Houlgrave touched on regulations and how crypto companies are using the bear market to answer essential questions about payments and profitability.

“They’re kind of asking us, okay, like, what should we be doing? How do we set up our payments right?” she said.

Houlgrave served as’s chief of staff for two years and is a member of the Bank of England CBDC Engagement Forum. allows merchants to accept credit card or alternative payments through fiat on-ramps and off-ramps.

Stablecoins used as a payment settlement layer

The company recently developed a stablecoin settlement feature to allow companies like to offer their clients the option of paying with a credit card. gets the funds from Visa or MasterCard and exchanges the funds into a stablecoin before settling with the merchant on crypto payment rails.

“So that was like that fast crypto native product, which has been really successful actually, and we’ve got lots of merchants using it.”

While the company has served Web2 clients like Netflix, has become a favorite destination for 12 of the top 15 crypto exchanges., Binance, and a few NFT marketplaces have enlisted the company’s services.

The company is also exploring whether Web2 companies would be interested in using crypto rails to settle payments. But, Houlgrave said, companies that are not crypto native would have to wait for a bank wire to convert the stablecoins into fiat, negating the advantages of using crypto payment rails. Only merchants that can, for example, pay suppliers directly in USDC are showing interest.

“I don’t think it’s going to take over the payment industry,” she admitted.

UK stablecoin payments regulation encouraging

On regulation,
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