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Cardano: 270 native tokens minted after Mary upgrade is successfully activated

  • The Mary hard fork was successfully activated on the Cardano mainnet yesterday.
  • The first 270 native tokens were generated, with one of the first being the LQ token from Cardano’s first DeFi project Liqwid Finance.

Mission accomplished. The Cardano “Mary” protocol update was successfully activated on the mainnet last night at 21:44:51 UTC. With this, the network has entered its multi-asset era, which means that developers can create Cardano based tokens and issue them on the mainnet. In addition, the update is an important milestone in the ongoing rollout for the core Goguen era features, which will be completed by the end of the second quarter with the deployment of the last of three HFC events called “Alonzo.”

ADA owners can also download the new Daedalus Flight wallet – a testnet version of the soon-to-be-released Daedalus mainnet wallet – or the latest version of Yoroi as of yesterday to try out the multi-asset features. In a new video, Charles Hoskinson commented on Mary’s launch as follows:

We are now two down, one to go. Metadata was the first, assets are now. This month I have no doubt that we will see hundreds of assets, some worthless, some very prominent launched on the Cardano network. In the coming months many more to come.

IOG’s CEO also gave an update on upcoming events in March and beyond. In addition to the much-anticipated “Africa special,” which has already been recorded in recent days, Cardano will also reach its full decentralization in March by having all blocks generated by non-federal stake pool operators, among other things. Hoskinson said:

Over time with Babbel transactions and programmability that’s coming with the third hard fork, and subsequent HFCs events, it will make us in my view the best platform for things like stablecoins, DeFi and of course security tokens.

This month we will have the d=0 event. At that point 100% of the blocks will be made by the stake pool operators. Alongside the Alonzo era, peer-to-peer will come. We will probably have the P2P testnet out. And we’ll be inviting the SPOs and pioneers to beat the hell out of it. […] and a full smart contract engine likely by the end of Q2.

Already 270 Cardano based tokens minted

As the website reveals, 270 tokens have already been minted on the Cardano mainnet at the time of writing. The first tokens minted, all in the same block, were ATADA, CENT, FIRST, FirstCoin, LQ, TSLA, gimbal and nutcoin. The most famous of these so far is certainly the LQ token of the Liqwid Finance project.

As CNF reported, Liqwid Finance is one of the winners of the 2020 Wyoming Hackathon and could be one of the first DeFi projects on the Cardano blockchain. Once all of Goguen’s components are launched on the mainnet, the project aims to enable its users to earn the LQ governance token by providing liquidity.

The innovative aspect of the Liqwid Finance protocol is that it will allow users to provide liquidity with ADA without losing their staking rewards. Only users who provide liquidity with ADA or other native assets will be able to earn the token through yield farming. Yesterday, the project generated 21 million LQ tokens.

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