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Bithumb Global to add Gleec Coin to its portfolio

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  • GLEEC will be listed on Bithumb Global on February 10, 2021.
  • Gleec’s price is up over 185% in the last month.

Exciting news for the fans of Gleec, the ecosystem’s native coin, GLEEC – which is powered by its own blockchain, will soon be listed on the popular South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb Global. The listing will go live from 10th February 2021 (20:00 UTC+8) and users will be able to trade Gleec against the USDT from the 12th February 2021 (18:00 UTC+8).

Gleec, the team behind the brand, describes the offering as a semi-decentralized digital ecosystem, which is powered by blockchain. The ecosystem features an array of products and services, which accept the Gleec Coin as a payment method. These include:

  • Gleec Chat: A communication app that encrypts all messages and voice calls end-to-end.
  • Gleec Market: A marketplace that cuts out third party financial intermediaries.
  • Gleec Pay: A payment app for both traditional and crypto payments.
  • Gleec BTC: An intuitive exchange that allows for managing a variety of crypto transactions.

Each of the above supports a variety of features, which offer usability to both buyers and sellers. Users of the Gleec Coin will get bonuses for using the coin across the range of products. 

The Gleec wallet is a downloadable wallet available via the App Store or Google Play and allows users to buy, sell and store a variety of coins safely and securely via their smartphone or computer with reasonable fees. Moving money with Gleec, according to its website, is nearly 100 times cheaper than with Bitcoin.

Gleec also offers a VPN, which gives users complete anonymity with regard to their identity, location and actions they are committing online. This coupled with Gleec’s encryption technology lowers a veil over the user to conduct communications with absolute privacy.  


This ambitious project, which was launched in 2014, was launched with a view to create a coin that would be stable enough to use as a payment method. The volatility of bitcoin and other leading cryptos is an obstacle, which impedes them from being used as a payment method.

Gleec’s price, which is $1.36 at time of writing, is up over 185.56% in the last month alone and over 12% in the last year.  


Image source: CoinMarketCap – 1 month chart

It has an overall market cap of $28,248,138 USD, with a 24-hour global trading volume of $152,050 USD. Currently, Gleec Coin is being listed on 10 exchanges, according to CoinMarketCap. These include Bittrex, HitBTC, Sistemkoin, FinexBox, XT, ProBit. WhiteBIT, VIndax, AlterDice and Atomars.

The listing on BitThumb, will make this the 11thh exchange to offer this coin. Gleec Coin has a total supply of 21,000,000 Gleec with a supply of 12,776,795 Gleecin circulation. 

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