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Bitget to Launch KCGI 2022: With 100 BTC Prize Pool

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Leading cryptocurrency exchange, Bitget unveils details and awards for King’s Cup Global Invitational (“KCGI”) Fall 2022, its upcoming global crypto futures trading competition.

Being Bitget’s third KCGI and celebrating World Cup Qatar 2022 hosted in the same period, the tournament will be themed around football and the mega event.

Participants will compete to share a prize pool of up to 100 BTC, get popular fan tokens, and have a chance to gain a coveted autographed jersey of renowned football star Leo Messi, and popular fan tokens.

KCGI will kickstart the registration period on October 28. In the new edition, Team Battle is closely tied to the World Cup theme, for the schedule and phased reward system.

Moreover, two new reward modes will be introduced; the Invitational Competition rewards players for the number of referrals they bring to the competition, and the Individual Fun Competition allows participants to earn ‘football points’ which can be redeemed for mystery token boxes.

Together with the Team Battle, KCGI players will have ample opportunities to team up, trade, and win a plethora of rewards.

Bitget recently announced its partnership with Leo Messi, the iconic Argentinian footballer, and aims to offer Messi fans a unique opportunity to explore Web 3 and the crypto world while enjoying engagement with the football star.

Along with the trophies and awards mentioned above, winners of KCGI have a chance to obtain the autographed jersey of Messi.

Debuted in 2021, the appeal of KCGI has drawn enormous responses as the last two competitions totally received over 12,000 participants.

The most recent KCGI Spring competition, KCGI 2022: The Throne’s Calling, closed with a total participation of 4,754 trading enthusiasts from all over the globe.

“We are glad to see that KCGI has already become one of the most desired events in our community and the
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