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Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC Plummets To $45, 000 As Liquidations Soar To $312 Million In An Hour

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  • Bitcoin trims virtually all the gains accrued last week since it tests support at $45, 000.
  • Long positions liquidations soar in order to $312 million while Bybit accounts for more than half.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies suffered yet another blow on Monday during the Asian program. The massive drop greater than 5% in the crypto total market capitalization has primarily been fueled by liquidations on derivative exchanges. In less than an hour, liquidations increased to $312 million, with Bybit accounting for more than half precisely $153 million.

Losses are ongoing across the vast cryptocurrency marketplace, with some top cryptocurrencies affected the most. Bitcoin corrected simply by over 5% to business around $46, 000 during the time of writing. Ethereum has also not been spared the ax, trimming 6. 2% off its value in twenty four hours. Similarly, Solana seems to have bled the most as losses amounted to 12% in the same period.

Bitcoin Price Hunt For Formidable Support Begins

A week ago, Bitcoin closed the gap toward $50, 000, adding a fierce fight yet stopped within a whisker of $49, 000. An immediate response correction took precedence, resulting in initial losses to $48, 000, which later extended to $47, 000.

The bearish lower-leg continued, most likely triggered by the colossal liquidation of long positions on derivative swap platforms as observed. Bitcoin extended the downward motion near $45, 000, where support is anticipated.

Nonetheless, we are unable to ignore the vivid bearish image considering the short timeframe evaluation. For instance, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) emphasizes the massive bearish view.

As the price dropped from weekend highs, the MACD closed the gap back to the mean line. Currently, the momentum calculator has slipped in to the negative region, suggesting that sellers are dominantly in charge.

BTC/USD Daily Chart

BTC/USD price chart
BTC/USD price chart by Tradingview

Realize that the 100 Simple Moving Average (SMA) has recently crossed below the 200 SMA, adding weight to the bearish narrative. This pattern is not a golden cross, but analysts use it to validate a continuing downtrend. Therefore , if support at $45, 000 fails to hold, Bitcoin will likely drop to $44, 000.

Bitcoin Intraday Levels

Spot rate: $45, 492

Trend: Bearish

Volatility: High

Support: $45, 000 and $44, 000

Resistance: $46, 000 and $48, 000

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