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Bitcoin Miners’ Revenue Drops Below $1B Amid Bearish Market & Increasing Mining Difficulty

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Bitcoin mining revenue fell under $1 billion in August due to decreasing investor interest, which led to falling prices as well as difficulty in mining the cryptocurrency. 

Bitcoin mining revenue has brought huge profits to crypto firms such as Bitfury, Bitmain, AntPool, Core Scientific Inc., Marathon Digital Holdings Inc., and Riot Blockchain Inc. over the years. 

Within the last four months, starting from May when prices of digital assets reached new lows buoyed by the collapse of the TerraUSD (UST) stablecoin which powered the Terra ecosystem, mining revenue has been on a downward spiral. 

Despite a 10% rise in revenue from $597.35 million in July to approximately $657 million in Aug., per the Block based on data from Coin Metric, revenue from the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization remained far below the $1 billion threshold miners became accustomed to in 2021. 

Source: Bitcoin Miner Revenue Chart by the Block

Due to how mining revenue is calculated, much of the decline has been attributed to a relatively smaller price range of BTC throughout the eighth month of the year.

Mining revenue is calculated by multiplying the total number of BTC earned as rewards by the price of the digital asset within a given period. In Aug. 2022, BTC traded in the price range of $19,600.79 and $25,135.59 after opening and closing the month at prices of $23,336.72 and $20,049.76 respectively. 

Source: BTCUSD Chart for Aug. 2022 by TradingView

The highest daily Bitcoin miners’ revenue was $24.65 million on Aug. 19, YChart data showed.

Bitcoin miner revenue sees year-over-year low 

Like most months before Aug., BTC saw a yearly decline in revenue. Miner revenue in Aug. 2021 was
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