The newcomers have to stop freaking out over every little drop, cmon now guys!

As someone who has been involved with Bitcoin for a fair amount of time (not nearly as long as some of you), I feel like it's my duty to help shepherd the newcomers into becoming confident hodlers. We definitely need to support every person who has even the slightest interest in learning about/becoming involved in Bitcoin because more people = more awareness = more adoption = moon. But cmon guys!! I literally saw some guy freaking out yesterday because of a 40 point drop which he called a "dump." The short term is not for the faint of heart. For the dozens and dozens of worried people about the couple hundred point drop today, this is par for the course. It means nothing in the long term, nothing. It may be unsettling, but the price can move 20% or more in a day as it has happened many times, we can lose half the value in a couple weeks, gain it back the next couple…that's just how it is. Bitcoin is an emerging asset class that is still volatile. For everyone who is new and staring at the price 24/7 or worrying that they bought in at 9300 and the price drops to 9250, you need to chill and think long term upwards trend. You may buy in and lose half your investment in 2 weeks, but I guarantee that at some point in the coming years that initial investment will have gone up substantially. Cooler hands prevail, just breath! Let's welcome the newcomers instead of shame them, but also teach them the lay of the land! Happy hodling everyone

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