The Best Mutual Funds in Singapore

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Singapore’s investment landscape has drastically changed over the past few decades. Now more than ever, there are numerous investment platforms and opportunities that investors can leverage to improve their portfolio.

One of these opportunities is the mutual funds investment. There are many mutual funds that Singapore investors can take advantage of, even during this period of the COVID pandemic.

What makes mutual funds so attractive is the fact that they offer more diversification to an investor. However, for new investors, choosing between the hundreds of mutual funds out there remains to be a considerable challenge.

So, below we’ve made this easier for you. Here are five of the best mutual funds in Singapore

  1. Fidelity Global Technology Fund

Arguably the best investment funds in Singapore, Fidelity Global Technology has been in the industry for a long time. It mainly invests in smaller tech firms and has been very successful during its presence in the market. 

Investing in this fund promises a positive return with at 8.04%, and the investors need to have at least $500 to invest. There are, however, some risks involved in this fund (It’s an equity fund), and so, investors are warned that they might lose their money as well.

But based on their past records in the market, Fidelity Global has proven that it’s well structured to face the risk and yield high returns. 

  1. The Janus Henderson Global Technology Fund

This fund is also one of the best high-yielding funds in Singapore. The company aims at facilitating capital growth among investors on a long-term basis. It invests in some of the major tech companies’ stocks and uses international market trends to diversify their portfolio with various financial instruments.

The Janus Henderson fund is one of the most cost-effective in the market, and still one with the most positive returns trends. It welcomes a low minimum investment of just $100, making it the perfect choice for beginner investors. 

They also have one of the lowest trustees and management charges at 0.05% and 1.33%, respectively.

  1. The Schroder Asian Growth Mutual Fund 

Right from the name, Schroder Asian Mutual funds shows that it covers more than just one country. Its operation in the majority of the Asian countries, with the exception of Japan and beyond with Australia and New Zealand, also included. However, China takes up the majority of their investments at 36.2%.

The fund invests in the securities quoted in the respective country’s stock exchange market with the aim of achieving long term capital growth.

The fact that Schroder doesn’t specialize in one sector means that they have good diversification, which impacts their returns rate. Some of their investments are in big companies such as Alibaba, Samsung, and Tencent.

  1. Franklin Templeton 

The Franklin Templeton investments boast of being among the biggest international funds management firms in the world. It offers over 70 different funds and has operations in over 28 countries around the world. This is one of the biggest diversities offered by a mutual fund group. 

The fund enables you to trade in the US, allowing non-US companies and investors to take advantage of that vast market. These funds are great for short-term investors as the returns are quick, and you may start receiving them within a year.

  1. UOB United E-commerce Fund

And finally, Singapore’s UOB United E-commerce fund is also an excellent option for Singapore investors. This fund allows you to invest in both the local and foreign stocks for e-commerce affiliated companies. For the period it has been in the market, UOB has proven to be very reliable and consistent with their returns. 

The minimum investment cap is $1000, which isn’t bad for beginners and based on their track record, it’s a lucrative opportunity.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous other good mutual funds for investors looking for a good opportunity. However, they all differ in their rates and how they invest. Some funds are suitable for long-term investments while others for the short term.

But all in all, you can never go wrong with investing in the above mutual funds.

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