Bitcoin whale: Most anticipated Bitcoin price decline now here

One of the most famous and influential Bitcoin whales who placed a bet on Bitcoin price decline on the crypto exchange website, Bitfinex, is back.

The analyst and big-time investor got rid of his account on social media Twitter a few days back, citing that the publicity he enjoys on the app has done more harm to his betting strategies.

Joe007 says he believes a Bitcoin price decline is imminent

Joe007, as he is fondly called as a result of his Twitter username, made a bet against leading crypto in April, stating that the coin would crash woefully in the days that followed.

Joe007 lost woefully after Bitcoin made a price surge that saw it move as high as 36 percent to finish the month of April.

With Bitcoin currently having a bearish run in the market recently, the famous whale has returned to make some predictions on the Bitfinex platform.

He stated categorically that he was right in his previous forecasts because the market has been overinflated, and the bearish run was proof. 

Crypto community are tied to the post halving price surge theory

He further commented on the news that made the rounds after Bitcoin was transferred out of an eleven-year-old Satoshi branded wallet.

He said the fear that the transfer unleashed on the crypto community was laughable while saying things might go bad soon.

No, you can’t say the market should get moved by just a transfer from a satoshi wallet, Joe said. The investors are still tied to the predictions of a price surge after the halving, but in my honest opinion those are just fairytales, and I think the market could go bad as a result of inflation in the coming days, he further stated.

The bitcoin price decline is a necessity for a future surge

Since previous weeks Joe has been on about a certain phantom money in the crypto space while saying the disgusting way he trades in the market has made the market achieve a fake price surge instead of its actual real price.

Although he knows Bitcoin might do well in the coming years, he says he still believes that a Bitcoin price decline is what the market needs to achieve its long term goal

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