What is the importance of SameUSD to Samecoin Ecosystem?

SameUSD is an integral area of the Samecoin ecosystem, and its flagship stablecoin. This brings all the benefits of a digital currency that’ s tied to the steady value of the world’ s most popular fiat, USD through a basket of other well-known stablecoins— the strongest store of value in history.

One of the problems associated with digital resources like Bitcoin and ETH is how volatile they are. Prices can fluctuate dramatically every single day. This means most main cryptocurrencies are seen by slots as assets and investments, rather than something they’ deb be happy to use as being a currency on a day-to-day time frame.

SameUSD— A stable store of value that everyone can understand

SameUSD solves all this, so holders can make fast and simple digital payments with a foreign currency they know has a steady value. People don’ capital t tend to worry too much regarding the fluctuations in the value of USD— it might only change a few fractions of a percent every day (unlike Bitcoin which can rise or fall over 30% in just 24 hours). This makes it perfect like a stable store of value and something users are self-confident enough to spend for regular purchases and payments.

Increasing numbers of people are enjoying the benefits of digital payments with cryptocurrencies every day, but those newcomers in order to crypto can sometimes be daunted or put off by the extreme volatility of BTC. It can be difficult to understand exactly how much BTC you’ ve got, especially when doing work in fractions like 0. 00135 BTC. It’ s difficult to know how much that is really worth right now, and even more complicated when you have to start wondering what it’ s going to be really worth in a few days’ time.

SameUSD solves all of this. Everyone knows the value of an USD. While crypto might be the future, the dollar is still the most steady store of value around. Not only is it stable— it’ ersus easy to understand. For everyone. That makes it well suited for newcomers to the crypto area who want to enjoy the benefits of digital payments and hold an electronic digital currency but are simply confused by everything they need to learn to start trading with BTC or ETH.

SameUSD is easy to use to send money plus make online payments. It’ s also easy to use in exchanges when trading intended for other cryptocurrencies like BTC, as it helps users prevent all the complicated regulations plus requirements that are sometimes difficult to navigate when you want to buy or sell crypto with fiat currencies. So you get the exact same stable store of worth, but without the complications of using actual fiat foreign currencies.

SameUSD is also backed by a reserve of other stablecoins, making it easier to verify and more secure than other stablecoins that are backed by actual fiat. The risk is divided among multiple stablecoins. The particular transparent reserves of SameUSD’s holdings can be verified on the smart contract.

The future of the particular Samecoin ecosystem

While SameUSD is the flagship stablecoin in the Samecoin ecosystem, it’ s i9000 just the beginning. Over time, Samecoin aims to launch a lot more fiat-backed Samecoin, such as SameGBP and more, making it easier for people across the planet to hold a powerful store of value they could understand.
Currently, Samecoin itself acts as the application token. Holders can enjoy decreased fees and staking advantages from keeping some Samecoin. Yet SameUSD and the extended group of stablecoins will be the spendable currency.

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