Might The 4th: Star Wars Collectibles now as NFTs

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A new era for Star Wars memorabilia gathering begins when two pushes like Star Wars collectors items and blockchain technology combine. For the first time, o ver 800+ limited edition Star Wars collectibles will be released as NFTs (Non-Fungible Token), including original items from the shooting scene.

The StarColl early registration launch is definitely dated around May the 4th (Be With You), also known as the Star Battles Day, the biggest celebration of Star Wars fans and Star Wars collectors internationally.

Every StarColl NFT is certainly backed by a physical product from one of the largest personal Star Wars collections. Future StarColl NFT owner’s title and NFT data will be at the traveling exhibition of StarColl next to the item (unless the owner wants to stay anonymous) where NFT owners possess free lifetime access to a global traveling exhibition.

“NFT security is an ignored topic today. Nobody talks about cybersecurity issues and pain points behind the NFT ecosystem. Source data files of NFTs sold for lots of money can be easily changed to memes by hackers. StarColl NFTs will be secured by the Quantum-resistant QAN blockchain, where metadata and ownership information is stored. “ says Johann Polecsak, CTO of QANplatform

About StarColl:

StarColl is an NFT Market place and Collection exclusively made for one of the largest private Star Wars collections. Over 800+ limited edition Star Wars collectors items will be released as NFTs (Non-Fungible Token), including original items from the shooting picture. The metadata and ownership information is secured by Quantum-resistant QAN blockchain platform.

About QANplatform:

QANplatform is the Quantum-resistant hybrid blockchain platform. Developers and Enterprises can build software applications like DApps or DeFi and run business processes rapidly on blockchain. QANplatform will be the fastest blockchain to set up to cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS or Linode. The utility token from the platform will be listed upon Uniswap this May.

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