Ethernity conducts first NFT drop to celebrate their string launch

The Microsoft NinjaCat is an iconic piece of art work that started life in a very Microsoft Powerpoint presentation. This came at a time when factors were turning around to get Microsoft, before the big exploding market which marked the company being a major part of our lives.

For people who know the NinjaCat, they will understand the value of this NFT, and the reason so much excitement is usually building up around it. For individuals who don’ t know, it matters little. NFTs like these don’t arrive every day and they are truly collectible pieces.

Ethernity, the NFT marketplace, is launching the new chain on April 12th, and to mark this momentous occasion they are performing a first-of-its-kind NFT Fall. According to Ethernity, this marks an ode to makers, crypto, memes, NFTs, as well as the very internet itself.

We have come such a long way in such a little time, with the internet marking a major milestone in our life. This tool has proved to be exclusive and creative with just your mind blocking the external expanses of what you can easily see and explore on the web. NFTs run parallel to this during this time, as Ethernity Drop Jerrika Heuser’s meme celebrates the web, with collectible NFT Fall to some users.

Ethernity is an unique auction marketplace that has assisted push NFTs into general public awareness. They offer collectible electronic trading cards across a number of areas including soccer, music, film, and more, as well as new edition pieces of art. They do all of this using a big conscience, giving 90% of the proceeds from the sale for an NFT to charitable organization, with the other 10% visiting the gas fees and Ethernity itself.

Here are the details for taking part in the Drop:

  • 1/1 Welcome to the Internet THREE DIMENSIONAL — Auction & IO Digital Screens (paid in ERN)
  • 30/30 Limited Editions — Silent Auction (paid within ERN)
  • 269/269 Buy It At this point — PRICE TBA (paid in ERN)
  • 50 Editions will be made available to STONE slots at our farming occasion by the end of the month.
  • Monday, April 12th | Time TBA
  • ERN is required to be able to bid or buy.
  • AR & Virtual World Unlockables: TBA

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