Bittrex Global credit card support and referral program now live

As Bittrex Global credit card support goes live along with new features on its mobile app, and Bittrex referral program, the exchange sure wants to attract more clients to its fold. The announcement of new features brings the exchange at par with its global peers.

Bittrex Global credit card support will help increase its user base in selected countries first. Initially, the set of new features will be enjoyed by its users in the U.K., the Netherlands, France, and Germany. Later on, the same new feature-set will be available to all the users internationally.

Bittrex Global credit card support, and mobile app features launched

In a first, Bittrex Global will start offering support for conditional orders in their dedicated mobile application. Users can now undertake conditional orders, including stop and limit trades that help them manage their risks accordingly. Additionally, the platform has decided to bring in a referral program to increase its user base. However, the commission and pricing structure details have not been made public so far.

Chief operating officer of Bittrex Global, Stephen Stonber, said that the exchange is planning to introduce even more new features shortly. He adds that the platform is eagerly working to offer more value to its customers. Improved mobile trading experience is at the forefront of the exchange’s customer-centric philosophy. Bittrex Global credit card support would help reduce the limitations to digital asset trading for veterans and new users alike. Many more features are planned in the months to come ahead.

Bittrex makes its Australian debut with Biteeu

As the news of Bittrex Global credit card support launch makes headlines, there’s more good news on the anvil. Biteeu, a partner firm of Bittrex Global, has just been launched in Australia. Based in Estonia, Biteeu shares a lot in common with Bittrex, especially its trade engine. The newly launched exchange will offer a range of trading solutions to Australian clients. Australian dollar-crypto pairs are the highlight of the new venture.

Lately, Bittrex Global has been facing a dwindling user base. Its market share has fallen significantly, and trading activity has also declined considerably. The exchange has tried to curb the trend by reducing the fee, but results have not been positive. Last year’s crypto SIM hack incidence also dented its image to some extent. Currently, it occupies 90th spot amongst crypto exchanges in terms of trading activity.

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