ApeSwap Launches Non-Fungible Apes

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ApeSwap wouldn’ to be a true crypto task without dipping its toes into the NFT space Therefore we’re excited to present to a person Non-Fungible Apes.

What are Non-Fungible Apes?

Non Fungible Apes (or NFAs) are a cryptographically generated set of 1, 000 unique, rare, immutable, electronic apes. Each ape is made by hashing a thread (such as “Strong Ape”) to randomly generate some 6 characteristics: Base, Encounter, Frame, Mouth, Eyes, and Top.

Every characteristic has a different probability of occurring in each guinea pig generation, making some characteristics much rarer than others. For instance, only 32 apes have laser eyes in support of 107 apes have sun glasses. Each ape has a score generated based on the combined rarity of its characteristics (more information about rarity can be seen in the Github repo).

We all then categorize that rating into one of five various tiers to determine overall rarity. The rarity tiers are as follows:

  • Common Chimps: Tier 1 (500 NFAs) — Most common
  • Original Orangutans: Tier 2 (250 NFAs)
  • Appealing Apes: Tier 3 (150 NFAs)
  • Prime Primates: Tier 4 (70 NFAs)
  • Magic Monkeys: Tier five (30 NFAs) — The majority of rare

EDIT (April 1st): We have updated the smart contract program code for Non Fungible Apes to now adhere to the particular 721 standards so that a lot more platforms (such as third party marketplaces) can support them. NFAs will no longer be using CryptoPunks code.

You can see the verified Non Fungible Apes smart contract right here , as well as a devoted Github repository with all the apes here .

How do I get my paws on an NFA?

Non Fungible Apes aren’t for sale… yet! We are expected to go live with preliminary NFA sales on April 8th, working with some notable NFT marketplaces in the BSC space to make this a reality.


Non Fungible Apes will be released and bought from batches of 100, using the first batch having a list price of 0. 25 BNB for Common Chimps, with increasing pricing for apes with more rare characteristics plus specialized names. There will only be 1, 000 Non Fungible Apes ever launched.

We’ll end up being having a few promos upon Twitter , so keep an eye out there in case you’re a lucky champion of an NFA

So what are your plans with the NFAs?

While NFAs are an awesome novelty for our ApeSwap enthusiasts, we have the fullest purposes to bring true utility to our Non Fungible Ape cases. That’s right, not only will NFAs get more valuable as time passes from a scarcity perspective, but additionally from an utility and make use of case perspective.


Some ApeSwap UI work in progress

Initially, NFAs will be integrated into the ApeSwap. Finance platform as user profile photos and a dedicated NFA/NFT page where users can see their collection and see the entire set of apes. In the future, ApeSwap NFT holders might receive benefits such as airdrops, early access, and more! We are still figuring out the details, so give us your suggestions on our neighborhood feedback board .

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